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April: Designing Women & COLOR

April continues our "Designing Women" series, and the topic is "COLOR" -- Designing Women Ronnie Lipton, Leatrice Eiseman, and Adriana Iordan -- all leading experts in the design field -- bring references, articles, tutorials and lots to learn about graphic design and color!

Selecting a Color Palette

Leatrice Eismann It's not hard to persuade a designer that color matters. But persuading Fortune 500 companies? You might be surprised. Color consultant and Designing Woman Leatrice Eiseman has carved out a major career in helping companies "make correct choices in colors that sell." ... Expert Advice from a Color Consultant

Do colors influence web site visitors?

AdrianaDesigning Woman Adriana Iordan from Avangate B.V. joins us to share professional insight into choosing colors for your web site -- including the meanings of color, societal impact, rules to follow and how color influences web site visitors!

Editor's Choice: The Practical Guide to Information Design

Information DesignThis is the definitive, behind-the-scenes guide to mastering information design -- helping graphic designers make the transition into information design for the knowledge age. Another milestone book from Designing Woman Ronnie Lipton... The Practical Guide to Information Design

Designing Women: Veerle Pieters

Veerle pietersVeerle Pieters, a graphic designer and web designer living in Belgium, caught our attention with her fresh Illustrator design portfolio, and her lively blog featuring many great articles and tutorials... Veerle Pieters

Photoshop: Carved in Wood

Photoshop carving woodA reader wrote in with a client who wants his web site menu buttons to be on a tree -- looking hand-carved. So, this tutorial gives you nice sign boards with the type routed in to nail to the tree. Carved in Wood

Photoshop: Changing Colors

Photoshop replacing colorWe get quite a few requests for this kind of technique for people colorizing houses, cars, people's clothing, and from time to time a boat or two. In this tutorial, we must change the color of a boat, then apply lettering to the side to show the client the finished lettering job.

Photoshop: Clipping Path makes a Hole in the Doughnut

Photoshop Clipping PathMore frequently asked questions: "...if I were creating a clipping path of a donut, how would I put a path around the outside and the inside of a donut?" In this tutorial, we using image clipping paths to create a hole where the background shows through!

Photoshop: Saving an old, faded photo

Photoshop restores colorPhotoshop 911 question: "... I've read plenty of tutorials on how to repair dents and scratches with the clone/stamp tool, but haven't found anything to help with the color problems" In this tutorial, we bring this old photo back to life with a lot of adjustment layers

April Onslaught of Adobe CS3 Products

Adobe In case you didn't see the live web-cast demonstrations of the new Adobe product line -- here are all the detailed releases: Adobe Delivers Two Editions of Photoshop CS3 along with a powerful InDesign CS3 Release and an entire new Creative Suite 3 Product Line, including Creative Suite 3 Design Premium products, Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. They're posted with an overview in the Adobe Directory.

Business: Becoming a Publicity Designer

shaun crowleyShaun Crowley has brought a whole series best-practice tutorials for all freelance artists. This month Shaun focuses on freelance designers who specialize in marketing materials. They are in high demand, and can just about write their own ticket if they know How To Be A Publicity Designer

Are you smarter than a 5th Grader ...

Web CritiqueWell, you wouldn't know it if you read some of this month's comments from readers! Favorite reviewer, Bennie Taylor, is back to tackle the tough reviews -- but this month we hit some snags: some of the web owners aren't too happy with their Web Site Critiques

Getting Popular: DTG Discussion Forums

DTG readers are discovering the pleasures of schmoozing with other designers in the DTG Discussion Forums...
* Introduce yourself in the Design Caf´┐Ż Introductions
* Get your web site reviewed or critiqued in the Website Review Forum
* Introduce your friends and readers to Cool Stuff you've found
* Get help, share tips, or just chat about design and publishing!

Editor's Choice Books for March...

Best books for February
This month in Photoshop: Photoshop Elements 5 For Dummies * Preventive Photoshop * Color Management in Digital Photography * Digital Restoration From Start to Finish... For Digital Camera Users: Color Correction For Digital Photographers Only * Advanced Photoshop Elements 5.0 for Digital Photographers * Nikon Creative Lighting System Digital Field Guide * Digital Scrapbooking For Dummies... For Web Designers: * Dreamweaver 8 Accelerated * Web Sites All-in-One Desk Reference... and in the Graphics Department, the AutoCAD: Secrets and 3ds Max 9 Bible

& ELSE...

DTGThis month's &Else includes: lots of new archive clip art in the Publishers Warehouse. (Readers know where to find the link!)
      PLUS: I-SPY Prevention Act of 2007 * Print with any printer in the world * Travel and PHOTOGRAPHY Off the Charts * PitStop with Adobe Acrobat 8 support * New Life for Old Photos and a half dozen more! &Else!

The Photoshop Pros come out

Photoshop 911Photoshop Pro Andrei Doubeovski of fame has fired-up the tips & tricks guns in the Photoshop 911 help department, sharing real-world solutions for reader problems. If you use Photoshop, then you'll want to check out how we're providing answers for all kinds of Photoshop emergencies!

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Photoshop Questions Need Answers

Photoshop 911 has been overwhelmed with questions from readers -- looking for answers! If you are a Photoshop guru, we urge you to stop in and tackle some of the many Photoshop and Photoshop Elements questions from the Photoshop 911 Help Line. Help us Answer Questions from Readers


Got Photoshop Questions? Who do you call?

Visit Photoshop 911's blog -- now you can comment on posts, and even lend a helping hand where needed... who do you call?

See: recent Photoshop FAQs

Photoshop 911 Call Reports

Here comes this month's batch of reports from the Photoshop 911 call line. The most interesting is how one user solves the problem of removing the background from multiple shots of a rotating product for a 3D video... there are seven others, and you'll want to read them all:
In the Photoshop 911 forums

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