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Dive into July & a Digital Summer

Photoshop Elements QuickFix & Color Corrections

Photoshop Elements You can dramatically improve the appearance of all your summer photos with just a click or two -- even if you have no idea of what you're doing. Let image specialist Barbara Brundage show you how in this 7-page chapter on QuickFix & Color Corrections using Photoshop Elements

Photoshop blending Photos to Sketches

Photoshop Blending Modes Photos to SketchesTurn your summer photos into works of art by combining the Find Edges filter and the Overlay blending mode in Photoshop. Noted Photoshop guru John Beardsworth shows you how with these recipes for Blending Photos to Sketches

Web Critiques: Soft Soap? Eye Candy? School Buses?

Web Design Critique When Earth Sisters Essentials requested a critique of their web site, they didn't suspect to get a win-fall of reviews...
NOTE Then there's the "Eye Candy" designer's site that brings mixed reviews from the Cafe... we'd like your opinion on this one as well! Just log into the Design Cafe Web Design Critique department

Sequential Photo Action

Photoshop 911If you're shooting fast action sports, take these tips from Photoshop 911. This question came from a forum reader -- in the process of answering, we discovered the stunning photography of Kevin Batangan, Photojournalist, and Kevin's tips on capturing motion using Photoshop and Sequential Photos.

Photoshop Frames, Borders, Matts and Layers

Photoshop 911A reader asks how to duplicat a bordered, matted photo. He had created it before, but could not remember how. Photoshop 911 analyzed it and offers this tutorial on the techniques involved for Frames, Borders, Matts and Layers!

Take your camera... it's a digital summer

Photoshop Elements Where ever you go this summer, it's easy enough to take along DTG, and your digital camera along. Here's what designers said about digital shooting
NOTE Low Budget Shooting? here's your one-stop source for an array of useful and inexpensive photographic tools.
NOTE 40 Digital Photography Techniques along with dozens of tips for taking better pictures and getting creative with digital photography
NOTE Got print photos? Not to worry -- The Microtek ScanMaker s450 is an affordable scanner to meet the diverse needs of a home office . . .
NOTE And here's the cure for photos that didn't quite turn out right -- the AKVIS Noise Buster Noise Suppression for Digital and Scanned Images -- removes noise while keeping fine details of a picture . . .
yes, there's more in the &Else news Department

Business: The ultimate design brief

shaun crowleyYour design can only be as good as the brief you worked from. The best projects are borne from briefs that are open enough to inspire ideas, while being specific enough to feel workable. Shaun Crowley shows how you can elicit these kinds of briefs by providing clients with The ultimate design brief

Customers & Gaboon Vipers

George Engel is the Naked ServicemanA little humor from the pages of the Naked Serviceman -- those customers that are like nails scratching on a blackboard when they call.. You pick up the phone and you recognize the voice -- and know that you've been struck by another Gaboon Viper

Business: AdWords Campaigns?

Adriana There can be no good commerce without proper marketing. Adriana Iordan shares tips and techniques for proper marketing to boost sales reaching a specific range of potential customers. AdWords Campaigns?

Business: Designing an interactive PDF newsletter

Rob Cubbon, Printing Publishing expert Rob Cubbon shares tips and tricks on how to use Adobe InDesign to make an interactive screen resolution PDF ... Designing an interactive PDF newsletter

Photoshop: Selective Coloring & Tonal Color Effects

Selective Coloring in Photoshop Mr. Tim Shelbourne is back, to once again share his Photoshop expertise with this wonderful colorizing tutorial -- just in time for the 4th of JULY! So many readers write to Photoshop 911 asking for a Selective Coloring tutorial

Dive into Summer Reading at the Designers' Bookshelf...

Time to catch up! Dive into
In the Photoshop Department: Adobe Photoshop CS3: Up to Speed * Photoshop CS3 One-On-One * Photoshop CS3 All-in-One Desk Reference * Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers * The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers ... in the Design & DTP department: Adobe InDesign CS3 How-To * Adobe Illustrator CS3 Classroom in a Book, and Adobe InDesign CS3 Classroom in a Book ... plus: Web DesignThe Art and Science of CSS, and Business: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 * Digital Land * and A Guide to Graphic Print Production
. . . all happening at the Design Bookshelf

Design Pro or Freelancer?

Design SurveyEach year we get a ton of inquiries from people who want to migrate into the design profession. They write asking questions about what it's like to be a designer. You can help us paint a picture of the Design Life by filling out our brief survey. We'll start an ongoing page which includes the best, and perhaps the worst, of your comments... anonymously of course. sponses. So, help out by completing the Design Pro / Freelancer Survey

How much should I charge

In the Design Cafe I provided an answer to one of the most frequent questions we receive -- about pricing creative services. Whether you're a new designer, or a new freelancer, you need some basic starting points to answer the question How much should I charge??

Real Help for Photoshop Users

Photoshop 911tips & tricks, real-world solutions for reader problems -- as well as resources, tutorials, techniques and effects come your way each and every day in the Photoshop 911 Emergency Room!

& ELSE...

DTGThis month's &Else includes: Good Bye Typos; Human Resource Metrics; Adobe GoLive 9; Adding Ajax; Safari for Windows; Anime Studio Rose Agent; Snapz Pro X; EagleFiler; Timeline Maker; and a dozen others... ! &Else!

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Photoshop Questions Need Answers

Photoshop 911 has been overwhelmed with questions from readers -- looking for answers! If you are a Photoshop guru, we urge you to stop in and tackle some of the many Photoshop and Photoshop Elements questions from the Photoshop 911 Help Line. Help us Answer Questions from Readers


Got Photoshop Questions? Who do you call?

Visit the Photoshop 911 Emergency Room -- now you can comment on posts, and even lend a helping hand where needed... who do you call? Photoshop 911

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