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March 2008: Designing Women

Again we top the record for content and special events! In celebration of Women In History Month, once again we bring you some of the most influential names in the creative industry -- Those Designing Women!

Everyone is invited to visit and enjoy
NEXT National Woman's History Project which serves to recognize the achievements of women in all facets of life and present new opportunities for girls and young women.
NEXT National Museum of Women in the Arts -- peruse the museum's permanent collection, take a video tour of the museum, or read artisits' profiles.
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Designing Women 2008

Designing Women ... come along and visit professional women web designers & developers, who have taken their time to contribute to the Design Center -- featuring Judy Ariel Thomas, Kasey Robinson and Deborah Pang Davis in Designing Women, 2008

Feature: Sareh Khajehnouri

sareh KhajehnouriSareh Khajehnouri is an artist currently based in Washington DC. Her extraordinary visions echo her native background in Tehran, Iran. Her advertising design sparkles, but her photo-illustration reveals a subtle yet striking depth in visual exploration. Don't miss the works of Sareh Khajehnouri

Designing Women: Contemporary Native

Patricia (Trish) R. Schaefer PART TWO of this month's entry features Patricia (Trish) R. Schaefer, a Native American, who shares her story of what it's like to grow up on a reservation in South Dakota -- and to become a design professional! Designing Women: Contemporary Native

Photoshop: Creating Mirror Reflections...

realistic mirror surface reflections A frequent question is how to create the realistic mirror surface reflections of an isolated image -- as popularized by Web 2.0, and Apple iPhone marketing. This tutorial shows you the easy way, and the best way in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to make Photoshop Mirror Reflections...

Clip from one... add to the other

join two people into a single photoWhat happens when you have two photos of two people and you need to join them into a single photo? Here, we illustrate a quick and easy way to bring another person into your photo, and make them look naturally at homne... clipping from one, and adding to the other!

Creating a Custom Drop Shadow

produce realistic drop shadows by hand Photoshop's shadow layer effect does not always provide the correct shadow. The pros know you need to know how to produce realistic drop shadows by hand. Learn how to generate shadows for multiple surfaces, and projection distances by Creating your own Custom Drop Shadows

Economic Apocalypse: Eight Steps Your Company Can Take to Survive It

The private business sector is in trouble, and the final showdown is coming. If you're one of the 75 percent of mid-sized companies that's not increasing in value, it's time to adapt or die. Private business guru Rob Slee explains what you need to do right now to stay alive. Become a Midas Manager

Reviews: Alternative Vector Drawing & Painting for Mac

Vector Drawing and Painting for the MacOnce there was only one drawing and one painting program for the Mac. This month we look at several newcomers that give Mac users some exciting choices: ZeusDraw is a vector drawing program with great brushes and a host of other features... DrawIt presents an impressive assortment of professional grade vector features... iMaginator and Create are two powerful new publishing tools from Stone Works' and DropFrame is a cross-platform application that allows you to easily add a picture frame to your images. All three reviews in this month's DTG Reviews

Direct Marketing Primer

 Direct Marketing PrimerLynne Saarte and Janice Jenkins present a four-page primer on direct response marketing. First, Janice addresses "generation y" marketing. Topics covered are using your database, marketing with postcards, and measuring your direct response marketing campaign.

The Designer's Bookshelf for 2008

New Books in the Design BookshelfThere's so much new, we cannot do it in a single page... every department has some very hot new titles... * Graphic Design * in Desktop Publishing including InDesign and QuarkXpress * in Adobe Photoshop & Photography * in Web Design and Multimedia * in Graphics and 3D Rendering * for Business, Mac users, General Computing and the iLife
and they're all in the Designer's Bookshelf

&ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: a Multi-User Calendar * news on legislation of illegal Downloading * Richard Lepsinger's keys to starting an "execution revolution" * New Tutorial Videos * Speed Downloads for Mac users * Archive management with CDFinder * Chroma Keying Plugins * Instant Internet Storefronts * and a lot more... ! News, Reviews &Else!

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Photoshop 911 has been overwhelmed with questions from readers -- looking for answers! If you are a Photoshop guru, we urge you to stop in and tackle some of the many Photoshop and Photoshop Elements questions from the Photoshop 911 Help Line. Help us Answer Questions from Readers

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