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April 2008: The Color of Spring

It's time to shed those dull, muted colors of winter and dawn the bright, light pastels of spring, as we celebrate our annual Spring Color issue. This month we also round our with some more entries from those Designing Women!

Light, Bright, Color, Right

Building Color Palettes ... how color palette can make your vision sing, using colors to evoke a feeling, mood, sense of time or place. Let's take a look at some works of this year's Designing Women, and see how they use color to bring their visions into full light! Building Color? What's in your palette?

Decoding Design

George George Engel reviews Maggie Macnab's awesome new book all about symbols in graphic design -- he includes pictures and some links you're sure to enjoy! This is recommended for everyone Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

Designing Women: Stacey Dyer

Stacey Dyer from a fine arts Painting background, to rock band lead singer and publicist comes Stacey Dyer, graphic designer par-excellence and her Triple Frog LLC a balanced design firm dedicated to printed and interactive media. Stacey Dyer: Rock on!

Designing Women: JudyAnn Dutcher

JudyAnn Dutcher from Santa Barbara, CA, JudyAnn didn't start out to be a graphic designer -- but through a career move, she certainly became one, applying lessons learned in the services industry to become a versatile and practical designer... visit Dutcher Design:

Designing Women 2008 Part 2

Designing Women ... This month, Janet, Maryvonne, Becky and Christina join us in the April Creative Net to share their brief vision -- and a glimpse at their work. But don't worry, their links are included and you're in for some spectacular eye-candy... I guarantee you'll enjoy Designing Women, 2008

Color Palettes in Design

Art Nouveau Color Patterns and OrnamentsThe art of color is a difficult art to learn, and apply. So many people today think they can design a pleasing color palette, but really cannot. But one thing they can do -- seek out the fabulous Art Nouveau design and ornament period for an unlimited wellspring of ideas for Color Palettes in Design

Business: Top 10 Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

60-Seconds It's been a while since the last time we shared some marketing tips, so this is overdue! If you organization is lagging behind, you'll want to tune up your outreach, understand these situations, and recognize the Top 10 Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Soft Soap revisited

Self Promotion Ideas A year after our article on a certain self-promotion from the 1970s, one of the creators of that promotion, Ron Mabey of the famed Mabey Trousdell studios -- writes to shed some light on the original creation of that controversial promotional box called ... SOFT SOAP

Reviews: Help for Digital Photographers

Digital Photography This month we focus on digital photography and getting ready for the spring/summer shooting season...
Digital Photography Companion the practical photography advice you can take anywhere
Digital Photography digital photography from the ground up
The Photograph for the serious intermediate and advanced photographer
Photonic for Flickr Mac OS X's first full Flickr application
LightZone access to extensive video tutorials
Ultimate photo retouch kit for PROs ONLY!

Codeless web sites

If you would rather not dig under the hood and work directly with web html code, then Freeway 5 could be for you. With its traditional page layout approach, Freeway makes it easy to create dynamic websites without the need to write code... you need Codeless web sites

The Designer's Bookshelf for 2008

New Books in the Design BookshelfThere's so much new, we cannot do it in a single page... every department has some very hot new titles... * Graphic Design * in Desktop Publishing including InDesign and QuarkXpress * in Adobe Photoshop & Photography * in Web Design and Multimedia * in Graphics and 3D Rendering * for Business, Mac users, General Computing and the iLife
and they're all in the Designer's Bookshelf

&ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: David Pogue * Silverlight 2 * iPresent slideshow utility * Digital storytelling * Toolbox gets vector * FLUX * Conference Velocity * ShoveBox * iForm HTML forms * Drawing with Scribbles * and a lot more... ! News, Reviews &Else!

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