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May 2008: Creative Blitz & Design Graduation

Every year about this time design schools all over the country spew forth a new army of fresh talent who will hit the pavement looking for the ice-cream, apple-pie jobs in the sky. One in every 1,000 will actually make it. Design Graduates: This month is for you.


Show us what you've got!
Here is your opportunity to show and tell DTG and Design Center readers about your photography, graphic design, illustration or image editing experience and skills!
In June or July, you could WIN a digital photography book just for sharing!
Gather your three or four best pieces of digital photography, image editing, or photo-illustration, write captions for each -- be sure to include your web site address, and gallery along with keywords and description. DTG readers will really enjoy a field trip to your digital digs... Get your DTG Gallery folio NOW.

Feature interview: Decoding Maggie

Maggie Macnab Since this month is "Design Graduation" month, we knew new design graduates would like to get a little insight into how one person grew to become a world-class, celebrated design force. See some spectacular graphics, get a fresh shot-in-the-arm -- ladies and gentlemen, meet Maggie Macnab...

Design Graduates' Business Primer

Design GraduationSo you've graduated from Design School (or will soon), you're a new designer, or a new freelancer -- you'll be wanting to jump-start your career! What you need now is some good advice on making that a successful Design career...
* How much should I charge?   * How do I get new clients?   * Lead Services: Pros & Cons

Add Drama to your Photos with Motion Blurs

Adobe Photoshop Motion Blur Follow along as we add drama to two photos using Adobe Photoshop motion blur filters. We explore the directional motion blur and the radial motion blur as taught by expert Barry Huggins, author of the Photoshop Retouching Cookbook for Digital Photographers. Photoshop and the Motion Blur

Balancing the light in Night Scenes

Balancing night lighting with PhotoshopWhile there are several dozen ways to adjust lighting, (from two to 300 minutes) if the scene is affected by a single overall condition, the solution could be more simple than you think. Here, we'll fix this photo spoiled by artificial outdoor lighting with a single-step lighting adjustment.

Color Schemes with Accents

Building Color Palettes Industrial Design professor Christiane English uses GenoPal, demonstrating methodology for picking a neutral light color, creating close variations, adding accent, then adding shadow colors to your palette -- all in harmony -- Like a Cherry on Vanilla Ice

Pope Benedict XVI gets The Saint John's Bible

Pope Benedict XVI gets The Saint John's Biblewith today's world of instant publishing, blogs, wikis, and all manner of desktop publishing wizards, and on-demand printing -- isn't it nice to learn that for the first time in 500 years, there is a bible written, illustrated and bound completely, 100%, by hand! The Pope got the first one, but you purchase one too... Pope Benedict XVI gets The Saint John's Bible

Business: Advice for Design Creatives

Business news The financial news of the past few weeks has left many a business owner panicked -- guess who gets hit the worst? Creatives! But David Giannett says you can actually use the economic downturn to create a better organization. Surviving the Economic Downturn

Morphing Images

morphingMorphing is one of the cooler manipulations you can do with images -- changing one image into another image in a series of steps. Until now, here hasn't been much morphing for Mac users. But now, Morph Age Pro now puts face recognition to work for itelligent morphing! Very cool. Morphing Images on Leopard


Hugo Awards See some spectacular graphics and art at the HUGOs. The aim of the challenge is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to show the world their abilities by the creation of a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle ... and there's still time for you to enter and win $500 at HUGO Create Awards

60-Seconds: Crime gets a free ride from ICANN

Fred ShowkerYesterday I reported 832 spams to SpamCop and Knujon. For the past 90 days I've been conducting a casual survey of all that spam (several megabytes a day) to try and determine who is sending what. I don't check all the links, but I'm discovering that ICANN's Domain Tasting policy is actually giving a free ride to online crime!

Review: Cool Web 2-point-0 Clip Art

cool clip art It's zippy, flippy, hippie, and trippie... you'll like Jumsoft's new collection of clip art! They say it's for Apple's Pages... but you can use it anywhere! Here are just a few examples of Cool Clip Art from Jumsoft

Review: Zero-configuration CMS

Sky Blue Canvas I've had bad experience with Joomla... it's geek CMS for geeks -- not normal people. If you want a high-power CMS without the geek, get MovableType... I'm setting up a SkyBlue blog now! And I'm learning that if you want really easy, quick CMS, then you need to check out SkyBlueCanvas

Review: Got kids? Get Doozla

Doozla drawing for kids They say it's a full screen vector drawing application for kids -- but I'll bet adults will like it even more! Doozla features simple free-hand drawing and color tools, webcam & tablet support, entertaining color-in templates and inspiring background images. Doozla Drawing for Kids!

The Designer's Bookshelf for 2008

New Books in the Design BookshelfThere's so much new, we cannot do it in a single page... every department has some very hot new titles... * Graphic Design * in Desktop Publishing including InDesign and QuarkXpress * in Adobe Photoshop & Photography * in Web Design and Multimedia * in Graphics and 3D Rendering * for Business, Mac users, General Computing and the iLife
and they're all in the Designer's Bookshelf

&ELSE... freebies and cool stuff

This month's &Else includes: David Pogue * Silverlight 2 * iPresent slideshow utility * Digital storytelling * Toolbox gets vector * FLUX * Conference Velocity * ShoveBox * iForm HTML forms * Drawing with Scribbles * and a lot more... ! News, Reviews &Else!

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