101 Photoshop Tutorials: From Competent to Magnificent; basics; masks; retouching

by Brenda Barron

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The Selection Process: Marquee, Wand and more

Brenda BarronThere are multiple ways to select parts of an image in Photoshop. Making clean selections that are easy to work with isn't always easy, but Photoshop has many tools designed to help. The tutorials below will help you master to art of selecting.

18. Using the Marquee Tools

The Marquee Tools include the Rectangular Marquee, and the Eliptical Marquee. Learn about their settings and features here.

19. Using the Lasso and Magic Wand Tools

This is a short and sweet demonstration on using the Lasso and Magic Wand Tools to make selections.

20. Using the Quick Selection Tools

The Quick Selection tool takes the headache out of making selections.

21. Make Selections Based on Color

Get to know how to use Color Range to select a certain color or range of colors.

22. Resize Multiple Images

Ever wanted to resize more than one image or layer at once? Learn how.

23. Making Complex Selections with Quick Mask Mode

Quick Mask Mode allows you to make complex selections easily.

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The Power of Layers, Adjustment layers & Layer Masks

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