101 Photoshop Tutorials: From Competent to Magnificent; basics; masks; retouching

by Brenda Barron

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The Power of Layers and Layer Masks

Brenda Barron Working with Layers is an incredibly powerful and convenient way to edit images. The concept of working with layers is central to Photoshop's approach. The tutorials below have lots of good information on working with layers, and layer masks.

24. Intro to Layers

If you are interested in learning how Layers work, this is the place to start. Explore the Layers Panel and learn how to create, edit, and manipulate layers.

25. Ultimate Guide to Adjustment Layers

This tutorial takes a look at Color Balance and Selective Color. These tools can be used to add a striking effect to any image.

26. Hiding and Showing With Clipping Masks

You can use clipping masks to cut out shapes for a number of purposes.

27. Interlacing Layers

By interlacing layers, you can interweave objects together. This tutorial shows you how to do this using layers and selections.

28. Automatically Align Objects in Layers

Learn how to use the powerful features of the Move Tool to automatically align layers.

29. Layer Shortcuts

Shortcuts help you work quickly so you can get things done at the speed of inspiration. This tutorial will teach you essential layer shortcuts.

30. Creating a Quick Mask

Quick Masks (Rubylith Overlay) were added in Photshop 4.0 to the delight of anyone who has ever used the Lasso to cutout anything fuzzy, hairy, or wooly. Learn how to use them to make complex selections.

31. Layer Blending

Helpful tips and explanations on blending modes in Photoshop. This comprehensive tutorial walks you through it in practice as well.

32. Create a Star Trail Image with Masking

This tutorial uses some advanced masking techniques to simulate star trails in the background of an image.

33. Refining a Mask

Learn how you can use the Refine Mask panel to adjust your masks. The settings and options give you tight control over your selections.

34. Create a Precise Vector Mask

Vector Masks are usually more precise than their pixel-based counterparts. This tutorial shows you how to use the shape tools, or the pen tool to create a Vector Mask.

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Image Retouching and Editing

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