DTG News for January 2013

by Fred Showker

DTG Newsletter ~ Vol. 23, #1 ~ January, 2013

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ... and a GIFT for you
  2. 2012 Facebook Timeline Award Winners
  3. 2012 DTG Product of the Year : FoxL Bluetooth Speaker
  4. 2012 Book of the Year: Saul Bass
  5. 2012 BEST: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
  6. Photoshop : Create a Polar Panorama Effect in 5 Minutes
  7. Getty : The Year 2012 in Photos
  8. The Print and the Process: Taking Compelling Photographs
  9. 60-Seconds : Who would block the Spam Cop ???
  10. Business : Five Best Portfolio Practices
  11. Business : National Job Growth Echoes That of Graphic Designers Over Next 10 Years
  12. Marketing : Make Your Book Jump Off the Shelf!
  13. 2013 Online Social Media Update for a new year
  14. The Scythe and the Rabbit
  15. Be sure to get a web critique
  16. &Else News, Views and Reviews :
  17. Good-bye 2012 -- GOOD RIDDANCE

HAPPY NEW YEAR ... and a GIFT for you

For years I've been making my own wall calendars. Pertty crazy, eh, since you can buy them for a couple of dollars at the Dollar store. But I've designed these for a special use, and they really work! I'd like to send you this gift, just for the asking -- you can use yourself, and customize as promos for your clients.

2012 Facebook Timeline Award Winners

When Facebook went to the Timeline layout, people began to discover some awesome opportunities to express themselves in visual art. We jumped on board and began selecting the best from our followers and readers. So, here we present the winners from 2012! Hopefully, you'll be inspired to do something stunning and you'll win too.
GO 2012 Facebook Timeline Award Winners

2012 DTG Product of the Year : FoxL Bluetooth Speaker

FoxLv2 Platinum Bluetooth Audio Purists’ Ultimate Hifi Portable Speakers actually deliver on their advertising claims -- and then some! Yes, we got the promo from Karen Thomas -- and she's usually pretty much on the money -- but they were strong words, we'd heard before. I was detirmined to get a good set of portable speakers for use in the Roadtrek and on the road. But I really didn't decide to make the leap until I saw the Jordan Rudess video.
GO 2012 DTG Product of the Year : FoxL Bluetooth Speaker

2012 Book of the Year: Saul Bass

BOOK OF THE YEAR for graphic designers is a tough thing to live up to. Phil Meggs, Alex White, Steven Heller, all worthy authors in the design community. We've had at least a few of the "greats" honor the pages of DTG Design Bookshelf - Seymour Chwast, Milton Glaser, Andy Warhol, David Lance Goines -- and now I take great pleasure in adding another of the all-time greats, SAUL BASS.
GO 2012 Book of the Year: Saul Bass

2012 BEST: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

In today's over-saturated media world, it's outstanding that someone still teaches these design principles. Young designers are getting their education from YouTube, tutorial pushers and tens of thousands of unqualified bloggers. Dr. Susan Weinschenk teaches you lessons of how people see and think -- important lessons for visual communicators and graphic designers. Learn them well.
GO 2012 BEST: 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

Photoshop : Create a Polar Panorama Effect in 5 Minutes

Thanks to Chris Eissens, who sent in this Photoshop tutorial for beginners -- "How To Create A Polar Panorama Effect In Less Than Five Minutes" will show you how to create your own polar panorama effect "small planet" in a view simple steps in Phototshop. It will only take a view minutes to get this amazing effect.

Getty : The Year 2012 in Photos

If something happens anywhere in the world, Getty is there to bring you the images and video you need. How do you picture this year? Getty is preparing their "Year in Pictures" edition, and I'm sure you want to be there. . . get ready

The Print and the Process: Taking Compelling Photographs

The Print and the Process is a book of ideas, thoughts, and techniques about our photographs and the process that leads us to the final image. (To be clear, it is not an instructional book about how to print your images.) In this beautiful book, David duChemin takes the reader behind the scenes on four distinct photographic projects

60-Seconds : Who would block the Spam Cop ???

I recently was surprised by what I thought was professional web company who are quite popular and offer quite a bit of information. They offer industry marketing reports, and when signing my email address to download the report they said "Spamcop Addresses are blocked" Hmmmmm, what do you think about that ??? Who would block the Spam Cop ???

Business : Five Best Portfolio Practices

Having a graphic design portfolio that stands out from the pack is important, even more so in today's tough job market. Here's a new feature article by creative director and co-founder of Carbonmade Dave Gorum revealing the five best portfolio practices. Five Best Portfolio Practices

Business : National Job Growth Echoes That of Graphic Designers Over Next 10 Years

Smartpress.com has announced a link between the national job market growth and that of the graphic design industry; both slated to expand between 13 and 14 percent over the next 10 years. As the demand for quality graphic designers continues to increase, Smartpress.com offer value tips from the nation's leading experts in new infographic.

Marketing : Make Your Book Jump Off the Shelf!

When it comes to sales, marketing, and PR there's one common misconception among clients: this is will instantly get me to the top. What authors often fail to realize is that publishing their book isn't a standalone ticket to success. In a great new article, publicity veteran Sandra Poirier-Diaz dished the details on 12 essentials for translating publicity efforts in sales.

2013 Online Social Media Update for a new year

This Social Media update breakes through to 2013, with predictions and lots of great tipe . . . here's the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 media update :
* 30 tweets worth reading, retweeting, and maybe even printing out
* How to spot a trend: 7 social media trends that matter in 2013
* The Future of Social Media in 2013: Six Points to Consider
* 26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community
* Email tweets directly from Twitter's website
* Using Instagram for Social Media Marketing
* 4 Ways to Improve Your Google+ Engagement
.... and the continuing world of social media and networking2013 Online Social Media Update

The Scythe and the Rabbit

Simon de Colines (1480-1546) and his contributions to the modernization of book design was underappreciated -- until master typographer and historian Kay Amert conducted research on the Parisian printer who experimented with dynamic page layouts and pioneered the use of italic types in France during the Renaissance.

Be sure to get a web critique

Many readers have been upset that their web sites didn't get a review or critique. Understandably we cannot review every web site that comes in. We rely on readers to share their opinions, but they seldom do. A few years ago we had relatively successful "formal" critique service. So, this year we've brought that service back. Our "formal" critiques are fee-based and offer several levels of involvement. Now, if you really want a serious critique the WDR Design Team will give you one along with helpful advice on how to make it the best it can be!
GO Just click on any "Formal Critique" button in the Web department.

&Else News, Views and Reviews :

There are more than we can list here, but these are the favorites during December that came across the DTG News desk for graphic designers! You'll get some value out of these articles :
* Can you afford to have your Macbook Pro or AirBook stolen?
* New GraphicConverter for Mac OS X
* New Way to License Art
* Color+ for iPad 2
* Simply HDR
. . . and more!
GO &Else News, Views and Reviews

Good-bye 2012 -- GOOD RIDDANCE

2012 will be one of those years not soon forgotten. I see it as a turning point for the Design Center and DTG. For the first time in the 24-year history, we saw months with NO inquiries or contact. That is most sad! We haven't given away but a few prizes in 12 because precious few readers took the time to participate.

GOOGLE Did Us Wrong: 2012 saw our Google rankings take a nose dive because of Google's new Penguin policy. Some of our long-time friends and contacts were sent letters from Google telling them to REMOVE their links from the Design Center site because it "damages" their rankings. Google has also defrauded us of over $1,000 because I refuse to give them my bank account number before they clear up a dispute since DECEMBER 2011.

AMAZON Did Us Wrong : we had a book sale to a lady who claimed the cover was wrinkled, when the book was marked "NEW" -- which it was when it left our loading dock. Amazon made us give the lady a refund, but when we protested, and ask she send the book back, Amazon put a hold and a block on our account -- so the lady got the book FREE, (a $49 book) and we can no longer use our Seller account.

But every cloud has a silver lining and last year I also had lots of fun with honest readers, and learned lots of good things. I particularly enjoyed and appreciated meeting you, and being able to share mutual interests together. I thank you for that. If it weren't for you DTG readers, I'd throw in the towel and head for the beach. But you keep on reading and you keep on appreciating everything we try to accomplish here in the Design & Publishing Center. So I'll stick right here with you!

Don't forget the Publishers' Warehouse is once again updated with lots of goodies -- and keep in mind

The 18th Annual Designing Women issue kicks off in March. If you're a woman in the design field and have an excellent "show & tell" to share with fellow DTG readers, then let us know! In fact, we invite and encourage you all to get active and share your thoughts, successes and failures with your fellow readers. We'll all get just a little closer together.

So, here at 5pm, Wednesday, January 3, I say adieu to 2012 and welcome in 2013.

Thanks for reading... Love and happy new year to you all...

Fred Showker

"True friendship is like sound health,
    the value of it is seldom known
      until it be lost."
          Charles Caleb Colton

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