Marketing Update : 2015 Strategy, Using images, Optimization, Marketer in PR

by Fred Showker

Marketing update for graphic designers Here comes 2015 -- is your strategy in high gear? Here are some serious articles I've earmarked for this issue. Hopefully you're on your way into 2015 with some new energy. Get your PR hat on, and your Graphics tablet going and you'll do a great job!

  • Your guide to using images in your content marketing strategy
  • Publishers vs. LinkedIn: The Next Heavyweight Fight?
  • What exactly is 'dynamic creative optimization?'
  • Your Content: Lock It Up or Set It Free?
  • The new age of public relations
  • Every marketer is a publisher
  • ... and more

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Your guide to using images in your content marketing strategy

By now, you should know that “content marketing” requires more than just well-written text to be effective.
      Incorporating elements of content writing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, the key to getting more traffic is getting noticed—by your customers as well as the algorithms responsible for ranking your site in search results pages.
Creative Update Full story : Forbes

Publishers vs. LinkedIn: The Next Heavyweight Fight?

Alex Schwartzwald marketing coordinator at Knowledge Marketing writes :
      If you don't consistently check your LinkedIn account, it would be easy for you to miss how LinkedIn has slowly, but steadily, positioned itself as a publishing platform. Ryan Roslansky, head of content products for the company, has flat-out denied LinkedIn's shift into the media realm stating, "We are not approaching this from a publishing or media-company perspective.”
      But most of the articles are either regurgitated from older, 'legacy' media, or just plain bad.
Creative Update Full story : Association Media & Publishing

What exactly is 'dynamic creative optimization?'

For several years, ad tech has dominated the conversation surrounding innovation. No wonder — every day, it seems, a new technology, standard or reporting capability is announced. Each promises to deliver results for every marketer, in every medium, regardless of the message.
      But something's changing. At the Interactive Advertising Bureau's MIXX conference, held last month in New York City, the hot topic was creative. The message, it seems, is taking ground back from the medium.
Creative Update Full story : Digiday

Your Content: Lock It Up or Set It Free?

Question: Our members sign up with our association because of our content. We don't want to give our content away or no one will join.
      Answer: This is the most frequent question we receive, and it's a very valid concern. This debate has raged in the publishing industry for years, if not decades. What should be considered high-premium content that requires a payment? How much are people willing to pay for content? What content should be free, if any?
Creative Update Full story : Betsy Kominsky - Association Media and Publishing

The new age of public relations

For small businesses and enterprises alike, public relations (PR) is very important. Ultimately, PR is reputation management -- how a brand is perceived -- which is driven when end-customers read newspapers, magazines, review sites or learn about businesses, products, and services through social media and influential users on the web.
      Traditional PR, which is rooted in relationship building through methods such as phone conversations and emails, has only been enhanced with the evolution of the web and mainstream adoption of media usage online.
Creative Update Full story : iMedia Communications, Inc.

Every marketer is a publisher

In today's world, where news is often broken on social media, every marketer can be a publisher. How can you improve your content marketing?
      Participatory journalism - or citizen journalism - has changed the news business. We rely on editors and news personalities to validate and curate, but often, breaking news is first covered not by a major media organization, but by nearby people with mobile phones.
Creative Update Full story : ClickZ

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