20th Annual Fonts Festival : fonts, lettering and typography surf for September

by Fred Showker

20th Annual Fall Fonts Festival Page 4 This is the last of this surf, but now we get to have some real fun watching seasoned professionals with real talent apply real ink in creating some superb lettering! I'm also very pleased to bring the official trailer for the movie "Sign Painter" -- a fantastic documentary on the art, craft and times of sign painting. Later, we'll dig deeper into the documentary, but for now, enjoy the September Fonts surf . . .

Retro Brush Calligraphy - Kaprifolie

This is a quick, fun video from Hej Heidi, lettering artist from Denmark! The video is real time, and uses a Pentel Aquash brush with watercolor. Go visit her web site for some superb Calligraphy, Hand lettering and Original art. Click the sample link below for some elegant handlettered logos!
20 Years of Typography Full story : Hej Heidi, Lettering Artist
2014 ... Elegant Hand Lettered Logos Elegant Hand Lettered Logos
GO see some Seriously wonderful lettering videos Seriously wonderful lettering videos

Brush Lettering IV - the Letterist

Instruction in brush uncial, edged brush uncial. You'll find many examples by Eliza Schulte at her web site and blog hold lots and lots of nice work. While you're visiting, don't miss her commercial work!
20 Years of Typography Full story : Eliza Holliday www.theletterist.blogspot.com
GO Also see: Eliza Holliday Lettering on Fabric
2014 ... fonts surf So much of this is really a lot more than lettering

SIGN PAINTERS the Documentary

Lettering & Calligraphy

This the official trailer for SIGN PAINTERS a documentary by Faythe Levine & Sam Macon. For information regarding screenings, and other news please visit signpaintermovie.com ... "I wanna make signs that turn into art"

20 Years of Typography Full story : signpaintermovie.com
2014 ... related image Here's detail of that glorious: window lettering
Quote from Sign Painter Movie

Yes, there's more ... we'll be back with more favorites! Surf along with us -- and please, share your findings with DTG readers!

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