Media update: 1012-17

by Fred Showker

Fred Showker's Media UpdatesIn this media update we find some changes on the horizon, and new trends that might effect your design practice in the months to come. Read along for :
* 10 Trends That Are Shaping Global Media Consumption
* Social Syncing: Cross Platform Marketing
* The Rise of Connectivity Addiction
* Making Social Media PR Work For You
* Your Ad Where? Defining Virtual Property Rights in an Augmented World
* Blogging is a Green Business Survival Skill

10 Trends That Are Shaping Global Media Consumption

While we've been obsessed with the carnage in American media markets for the last couple of years, the global media landscape has mirrored the broader economic one -- which is to say, developed nations are fragmenting while developing ones are booming. This is as true for TV and newspapers (newspapers!) as it is for online video and mobile phones, the latter of which is poised to become the most ubiquitous media device in history.
      Ad Age Insights' latest white paper, Global Media Habits 2010, by Greg Lindsay, is a look at how media are actually being consumed around the world, divorced from business considerations. Here, 10 trends that are shaping media consumption in traditional and emerging media markets.
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Social Syncing: Cross Platform Marketing

First Friendster and MySpace, then LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter -- popular social media sites change over time. As a brand you've likely spent a significant amount of time building up connections on any of the aforementioned sites.
      But what happens when your demographic migrates to the new hot social networking site? You certainly can't abandon ship.

The Rise of Connectivity Addiction

In this excerpt from his new book, Future Files: How the Digital Age Is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It, author Richard Watson examines the modern phenomenon of being addicted to tech, from the Internet to the cell phone, and the effect it's having on our brains--and our culture.
      A study from the University of California (Irvine) claims that we last, on average, three minutes at work before something interrupts us. Another study from the UK Institute of Psychiatry claims that constant disruption has a greater effect on IQ than smoking marijuana. No wonder, then, that the all-time bestselling reprint from the Harvard Business Review, a management magazine, is an article about time management. But did anyone find the time to actually read it properly?

Making Social Media PR Work For You

Thy hype of social media is gone. It just is and that's okay. The tools continue to mature and the strategies for executing social media PR campaigns are as diverse as the company's and organizations using them.
      But if you're just now seeing the return on investment of social media, how it builds social capital and provides a two-way means of communication between you and your stakeholders - the whole thing can look quite complex and confusion. Where do you start?

Your Ad Where? Defining Virtual Property Rights in an Augmented World

Get ready for ad battles over virtual space as augmented billboards, coupons pop up everywhere
      Picture this scenario coming soon to a future near you: You are out and about looking for something to eat. As you walk along a row of restaurants, you decide to put on your augmented reality glasses to see ratings, a video greeting from the restaurant owner and interactive displays of their daily specials. However, as you look closer at the restaurant, you notice a virtual advertisement and coupon from a competing restaurant just a few blocks away. Touching the advertisement, you're then given animated directions to the establishment, the virtual coupon and video recommendations from the competing chef. Your decision on where to eat has just been made for you.

Blogging is a Green Business Survival Skill

Don't count on Obama's stimulus plan to help your green business survive the economic downturn. With a tough economy and increased online competition, your green business needs a blog to be competitive.
      Blogging is the least expensive way to market, as it is just a fraction of the cost of television or print advertising, and most importantly, in can drive lasting traffic, if done correctly.

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