Creative Tidbits 1012-14

by Fred Showker

Creative TidbitsThis issue of Creative Tidbits looks at some outstanding recent works from around the world, as well as some tips and help on making yourself more creative and more effective, including : * Ray-Ban Rare Print 2010 * Trendy, flashy, elegant, high fashion photos * Nick Mills - Type Experiments * Levi Wintering: Reflections * Rebranding Cisco Webex * 10 ways to tackle the scope creep * and . . . Getting Creative Things Done: How To Fit Hard Thinking Into a Busy Schedule

Ray-Ban Rare Print 2010

David Sossella
      David Sossella creates a riotous cast of characters for this poster promoting Ray Ban's new "Rare Print" sunglasses.
READ THIS REPORT Full story : David Sossella - Treviso, Italy

Trendy, flashy, elegant, high fashion photos

Contour Style
      For the first time, the exclusive photo agency synonymous with renowned photographers such as David LaChapelle, Nadav Kander, Lorenzo Agius, Julian Broad, Mike Ruiz, Steve Pyke, Yu Tsai, George Holz, Fabrizzio Ferri and Elisabeth Hoff, offers distinctive beauty, fashion, interior, travel and culinary imagery.
      In addition, Contour Style has an exclusive distribution agreement with Figaro Photos - Le Figaro, Le Figaro Madame and Le Figaro Magazine - Europe's leading editorial collection, to offer customers in the United States and Spain the publication's editorial collection of fashion and lifestyle imagery. Contour Style is now available online
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Nick Mills - Type Experiments

Nick Mills
      Nick Mills creates some rather wonderful typography configurations, appearing like folded paper ... yet not. Nick is involved in the creative fields of Graphic Design, Painting, Illustration in Cape Town, South Africa. Nick writes:

Quoting  begins I have a love for typography and these are a few of my experiments. Inspired a lot by the drop shadow effect. I will keep posting updates as I continue experimenting. Quoting  ends

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Levi Wintering: Reflections

Levi Wintering's haunting photo gallery reflections
      Levi Wintering's haunting photo gallery investigates the subtle variations in reflections ... Levi writes:

Quoting  begins "02" is the second set of a series of experimental photographs. Each photo was taken with shutter speeds ranging from 3" to 10" with the purpose of capturing motion. The thought behind the project was to show the passage of time and suggest the possibility of alternate dimensions parallel to our own. Quoting  ends

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Rebranding Cisco Webex

      Thanks to Chuck Green's "LIKES" we're treated to five years of REBRAND. Chuck explains they have offered their 100 Global Awards -- a fascinating look at how leading companies reposition and revitalize themselves - including logos, collateral, advertising, web pages, and so on.
      However, designers must take care and see through some of the hype when a big web site says "BEST" -- as in this example makeover by Cisco/Webex, it looks like the makeover, which is very 'ho hum', is not as distinctive as the original.
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10 ways to tackle the scope creep

Miles Burke, editor for The SitePoint Tribune offers a brief but excellent article to help not only web designers, but all designers! We'll tease you here with two -- but you need to read all ten ... Miles writes:
      Scope Creep is one of the big profit and motivation killers we all tackle regularly. It even sounds like a creepy monster, doesn't it? So, how do we avoid it? Here are just two of his axioms :
      Manage expectations - Your proposal or agreement should state in black and white what you will and won't do. For example, every proposal I send outlines in detail what functionality is included, what content will be placed, and how many design iterations will occur.
      Mention the monster - The same document should explain what happens if and when that monster pops its head up. For example, my proposals state that both parties have the right to assess changes to deliverables, and revise the budget if required.
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Getting Creative Things Done: How To Fit Hard Thinking Into a Busy Schedule

Is your creativity at war with your to-do list? Meet GCTD, a simple system for balancing meaningful creative work with mundane logistical work (e.g. email, meetings, etc) by Cal Newport ... Cal writes:
      It started a few weeks ago. I had to write an academic research statement: a high stakes, ambiguous, beast of a creative project. For the first week, I kept telling myself, "this is my most important priority," and hacked away at the project whenever I got a chance. I continuously felt guilty about not spending enough time writing. One night, toward the end of the week, I holed up in my office until 9 pm, desperate to get things done.
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