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by Fred Showker

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Can Good Graphic Design Help The Homeless?

The least visible franchises can be given a new voice through the power of good branding and great graphic design. Will it do the same for the voiceless, the invisible, the institutionally disenfranchised? Can well-executed design change the lives of the homeless?
      A new project in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, is trying to find out. A collaboration between artist Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope, the Signs for the Homeless project exchanges handwritten panhandling signs for colorfully illustrated, eye-catching recreations that aim to give the homeless a power that most of us take for granted: The power to be noticed.

Design students create posters to tackle loan shark problem

A COLLECTION of posters created by graphic design students at the University of Bolton will be used as part of a nationwide campaign to tackle loan sharks.
      The England Illegal Money Lending Team, who work in partnership with Bolton Trading Standards, launched the competition for students to create eye-catching designs which encourage people to steer clear of loan sharks.

Minimal Sneaker Study | Jack StockerÕs Nike Exhibit

Graphic Design is a very popular form of creative expression. People put their heart and creative souls into creating quality pieces of work. An eighteen year old design student by the name of Jack Stocker has proved that creativity can produce anything.
      He recently opened the Minimal Sneaker Study exhibition that is showing at LondonÕs Exposure Gallery. The exhibit is a showcase of StockerÕs talents and his love for Nike sneakers.

Five Best Jobs for Those in Print Design by Annette Hazard

Print design is a field where one can use a variety of skills in English, Art, Business, Journalism and more to find a great career for many years. To be hired for most print design jobs, a Bachelor's degree in Art, Graphic Design, English or related field is usually required, although for some positions talent alone can take a person far.
      Let's have a look at five of the best jobs in print design.

Summer shirts from Cuckoos Nest

Born and bred from an appreciation of street wear and sensibility for avant garde graphic design, Cuckoos Nest are a clothing brand providing a new take on street wear.
      With their bold prints and images prevalent in British life, this brand is keen on the eye and gains attention in a subtle and interesting way.

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