Creative Graphic Design: Numbers, studios, gallery and virus fonts

by Fred Showker

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Cutting, carving, etching, gilding designs into glass

branding and communications books

Dave Smith cuts, etches, paints, and gilds his antique, art nouveau designs into glass in such a way that cannot be compared to other artists.
      David is also a designer and typographer of rare quality -- such that he even designed the John Mayer Font for use on glass and album covers for the musician of the same name!
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Virus Fonts express the spirit of the age . . .

branding and communications books

Odd, quirky, stark, retro, edgy, crazy, cool. What else can we say? Spend some time here and discover the store and the news departments.
      Virus is the font foundry of Jonathan Barnbrook and Barnbrook design. Founded in 1997, it seeks to produce experimental, innovative and usable fonts. Letterforms which truly express the spirit of the age and reflect the complexity or language that we use.
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Barnbrook -- Studio 12 . . . spells "WOW"

branding and communications books

Studios with numbers must be cool . . . there certainly are a number of them. Barnbrook is one of the most well-known creative studios in Britain, and we can understand why.
      These designers specialise in producing innovative books, corporate identities, CD covers, custom fonts, websites and magazines -- for clients ranging from international museums to charitable organisations. I think you'll be totally impressed with what you see here . . .
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