Creative TidBits #171: Design with Type, design icons, and exhibition graphics

by Fred Showker

The graphic design of ... Creative tidbits - a column in DTG Magazine A good graphic designer can design anything. It's really not about the software or the tools or this or that publication. It's really the art and skill of cutting through all the noise to find the essence of the subject -- and then being able to organize the best representations of that subject into a singular message. So it's true of type, typography and graphics like icons and even huge, monumental spaces. Thus this edition brings you creative 2013 An introduction to the principles of typography through letterpress, and creative 2013 selectively choosing the right icons, then creative 2013 Designing Exhibition graphics!
It's all fun, and you're invited to join us!

An introduction to the principles of typography through letterpress.

This is a really fun little video -- with a lot of punch in terms of making a strong point. And, you realize this is the way all type was set -- once upon a time, right? This is actually, true entertainment ... we hope you really enjoy it . . .

Cool graphic design inspiration Full story : Type High : Lynn Kiang
2014 ... related image Take a closer look at: Letterpress type in a chase from
GO Rebecca Spitzer

How to Choose the Right Icons

DTG Magazine Creative Jumpstart

Icons are nothing new when it comes to web design, but that doesn’t mean selecting the right icons to use is an easy task.
      Like anything else when it comes to your website, careful thought is required to determine the use and need for each component. Whilst sprinkling your pages with decorative icons may give your site a unique feel, it’s rarely the wisest of choices.
Cool graphic design inspiration Gabrielle Gosha leads you through the steps you'll need
2014 ... related image She also shows us this superb collection of softies
GO and these actual Icon samples

Exhibition graphics are hugely important both for exhibitors

DTG Magazine Creative Jumpstart

Exhibition graphics are hugely important both for exhibitors and organisers as they help to communicate important messages to the attendees. Graphics can be used at a wide range of corporate events, including parties and conferences. There are hundreds of reasons why big brands invest heavily in their exhibition stands and graphics – it’s something that your business should be considering too.
      The activities you lay on for attendees at your conference or exhibition stand are obviously very important, but the graphics that you use are what will actually attract those attendees first and foremost. You might be laying on the best conference or exhibition ever – but if you don’t have great graphics displays and marketing in place in order to draw the crowds, no one will ever come to find out more about your business or brand at your corporate event.
Cool graphic design inspiration Full story :
2014 ... related image Here's example os a : huge presentation hall

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