Design Graduates

by Fred Showker

May and June graduates - designers, illustrators, photographers and visual communicatorsThis May and June many designers, illustrators, photographers and visual communicators will be either graduating from design/art school... or participating in reviewing the portfolios of upcoming creatives -- perhaps even hiring them.

In May, DTG invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG to write in and relate a comment about their experience, or some advice to those just graduating from Design school. We also asked for comments from students about their experience and what they hope to achieve as they enter the field of graphic design.

Unfortunately, this year had the least number of responses ever -- testament that youth today are more wrapped up in social media than the web. I guess I should have posted the invitation to Facebook and Twitter! This month, there were a few that merit publication. (Sorry so many didn't complete the form, or provided so little, they're not worth publishing!)

James Grenier - Mississippi

James Grenier, design professional, writes:

quoting I attended and graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology via Online with a BFA in Graphic Design.
      Throughout the past three years I used a PC, would have preferred a Mac but you start with what you own and go from there.
      As far as a favorite software I can't really pick just one so I'd have to choose the entire Adobe CS3-5 Design Suites. Throughout my time in school all three of these sets of software have proven time and again to possess exactly what I enjoy about design, a unique skill set to help boost the design skills you have within yourself.
      I leared that practice makes perfect, you can't just sit around learning all the time you have to actually practice what your learning and keep practicing till it's second nature, because as soon as you stop to work on something, or with something else, you've forgotten what you spent so little time practicing.
      There's a time and a place for everything you enjoy the most important aspect of attending design school career wise is to find that one thing that you excel at better than anyone else and figure out a way to boost it times 150% because that's what's going to help you stand out after your finished. end quote

Matt Sanchez - Ohio

Matt Sanchez, design professional, writes:

quoting While attending Bradford College i've learned a large share of information that will benefit any future projects. I expect to return home with my new skills and start a graphic design company. Currently i work for my home church (Trinity Church) providing PowerPoint, and Web Design. end quote

Jared Gatten - Ohio

Jared Gatten, design professional, writes:

quoting I learned how to click with my mouse & tap buttons on a keyboard to create things that don't hurt eyes hopefully. I go to The Bradford School in Columbus, Ohio and my favorite software is Adobe Illustrator. end quote

Shirley Beagle - Illinois

Shirley Beagle, web design professional, writes :

quoting I attended McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL. They use PCs and Macs to teach on.
      I am receiving my Web Master Certificate at the end of this Semester. To meet the requirements of the certificate I have had classes in C++, Java, HTML, 2-D Design, Digital Art, Digital Storytelling, Journalism, Web Scripting and I have been able to increase my knowledge of Adobe CS 5 programs.
      The more I learn about Adobe software and the great things it can do, the more I want to learn. The emphasis this past year has been on assignments focusing on real-world production. The programming has been my biggest challenge but I can see the value of knowing it and not just depending completely on software. end quote

Worth mentioning ...

  • Tamsyn Hickey - self employed freelancer - Auckland, New Zealand - That you're ideas are never wrong they might just need refining. Research is your best friend and you can never do too much of it. I honed my kills on archicad and 3ds max as well as photoshop and pulled off things I didn't think I could. Unitec gave me skills and a memorable first introduction to New Zealand.
  • Denise Wallace - Ohio - Adobe CS5 Programs
  • Kenzie - photographer - Ohio - Adobe: Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Dreamweaver Flash Fireworks About Printing Resume Colors Shapes I used a Mac
  • Evie Thompson - design professional - Ohio - Abobe: Illistrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver. Printing Process Color Usage Design

And, that's it for this May's design graduates. If we have more this month -- and all graduates in the visual communications fields are invited to submit -- we'll post them here!

For the fun of it, I've selected some of our favorites from years gone by. Hopefully these young folks were successful in their goals. If you happen to be among these listings ... please get in touch and let us know how you're doing -- perhaps even show some of your work in DTG!

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