Updating the handicapped symbol?

by Fred Showker

Sara Hendren

Where is the handicap parking?

Fred Showker's 60-second Window blog posting international signing symbolsHow long have the universal signing symbols been with us? How many places do you see them and never really even have to think? Is this long established collection of directional symbols doing its job?

Well, there's at least one soul out there who challenges the wisdom of a universal symbol. The wheelchair symbol is everywhere, one of the most recognizable icons in the world. Everyone has seen the image, but Sara Hendren believes most people have never really looked at it.

In Billy Baker's Boston Globe article (February 21, 2011) Sara Hendren comments:

Quoting begins The figure is static, wooden, with the squared-off geometry of machinery. The body is synonymous with the chair, and creates the impression of someone who needs a push to get through the world ... It is almost completely unexamined, yet it is a design with human values at stake. Quoting ends

Hendren has created stickers that feature her own design — the symbol looks more like a person in a wheelchair race.

We hope to follow this story, and see where it leads -- but for now, you can read the . . .

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