Name a company "Apple"

by Fred Showker

I'm sorry, but I have to admit I'm another of the 32 million American Idol junkies. Actually, my wife makes me watch -- and in reality, I actually do enjoy predicting the words that Randy and Simon will use in their critique of each act. Amazingly enough, I hit Randy's response about 30% of the time -- but more amazing is that I nail Simon's response -- word for word -- almost EVERY time! What does that mean?

Anyway, what do Apple and Idol have in common?

AppleThey've both had problems with the "other" Apple. Oh, Apple records that is. Seems that even 30 years after the Beatles demise, Apple Recording Label still rides a tough reign on the songs we all love.

So, imagine my surprise when American Idol announced they had FINALLY been given permission to cover Beatles' songs in an upcoming show. BRAVO. Beatles music has been sadly missing in Idol since the beginning.

But what about the other Apple?

Although you might think Apple Computer had problems with Apple Records with the advent of iTunes and iPods, it actually started back in February of 1989

Here's a little nostalgia piece, The Middle Stanza? by Apple Matters writer Chris Seibold -- who writes:

> While Apple lost the case there was one bright
> side for the Macintosh fans. Feeling heat from
> the legal department, programmer Jim Reekes
> changed the name of a system beep from
> "xylophone" to "sosumi."
> While Mr. Reekes claimed the name was a Japanese
> word it was, in fact, a pun. To get in on the
> joke utter the name aloud.
> The lawsuit that sparked a fairly subtle yet
> great gag was launched this month in 1989.

Listen to the PodCast, or See:

By the way: I did a search for "Beatles" in Apple's "iTunes" web site, and Safari immediately closed and quit, giving an error : Safari has quit. Interesting. Searching in iTunes, you find lots of karaoke versions, Sound-A-Like Covers, Fab Five Band covers, and even Tony Sheridan (whoever that is), but not a real Beatles tune to be seen. You can find some individual Beatles tunes, John Lennon and so forth, but nothing authentic from "The Beatles".

Lastly, I can guarantee this article was more fun to write than it was to read.

Thanks for reading...

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Different people in the world get the best computers from different vendors, just because it is comfortable. What do you think?

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Don't you understand that iTunes has now released the Apple records! They must have reached an agreement ... YEA!