Connecting Your TV to the Internet

by Guest Writer

Ryan Faas examines the top optionscoverDo you want to stream movies or download music to your home TV? You'll have a lot of options to consider when choosing the right equipment for your family's needs (Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku to name a few). To help you make a more informed decision, Ryan Faas examines the top options that should be on your list of possibilities, pointing out the pros and cons of each system.

This free chapter is from the author of My iPad, courtesy of Informit.

coverMy iPad

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPad working just the way you want. Lean how to:
* Connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi network and 3G networks * Synchronize data between your computer and iPad * Watch movies, TV shows, YouTube, or home videos * Surf the Web and email * Download apps to make your iPad even more useful * Create documents and spreadsheets * Build and display presentations * Find locations and get directions * Find the best games * Connect keyboards, cameras, and external displays



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