Evil Twitter Tweets

by Fred Showker

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The Anatomy of a Spam Site

In a 1996 WebDesign survey, of thousands of users who filled out the form, a 95% majority called "screen spam" their most hated thing about the web -- meaning "links or graphics advertising or revenue generators that have nothing to do with the content." Maybe people have become numb to screen spam... but not me!
What a lot of people aren't immediately aware of is how some sites do nothing but spam. You can always tell when the ratio of spam rises greater than the ratio of actual content. Let me show you what's REALLY in this web page.
Click to view a thumbnail screen capture of the true web file. (Click here for a full size screen capture, but beware, it's 7,773 pixels deep. Roughly 13 pages.)

By reading the code on this page, you see the owner is not interested in content at all. The single mission of this web page is to get you to click on a link, or do something that will generate revenue. That's the site's only purpose -- to make money.

The reason I provide the above two links to the code is to validate the fact that in order to read the actual content of the page you were looking for -- which was equal to 155 characters or 19 words:

> Artistic Edges - Rons Collection Photoshop Brushes
> See the rest here:
> http://www.downturk.info/
> 85332-artistic-edges-rons-collection-photoshop
> -brushes.html

... you downloaded 23,511 characters; 3,198 words, spread over more than 400 lines of text. That's how much junk there was on the page in order to deliver 155 characters. That's a content-to-junk ratio of less than 1% (one percent content to junk ratio! 50% is acceptable. 49% or less is spam.)

Trail of hazzard links

Evil Twitter Links and TweetsWhere's the Content ??? Well, we haven't gotten there yet. If you look into that code however, you'll find all kinds of other ways this crook is trying to hook you into sending him money for nothing. It is amazing how much time and effort went into deceiving you.

Throughout the code we find all sorts of stalker codes, hidden behind the scenes. Like Chitika code for the word "mortgage"

Chitika writes in a hidden html comment:

"You will NOT be able to see the ad on your site! This unit is hidden on your page, and will only display to your search engine traffic (from US and CA). To preview, paste the code up on your site, then add #chitikatest=mortgage to the end of your URL in your browser's address bar. Example: www.yourwebsite.com#chitikatest=mortgage. This will show you what the ad would look like to a user who is interested in "mortgages."

So, let me ask how many of you out there are interested in "mortgages" who will navigate to this page based on a Twitter recommendation from a very frequent tweeter promising "Artistic Edges"?

Now, ask yourself, why this person tweeted this 66 times on Twitter? To me, the answer is fairly obvious. Yet, I have no idea if the two are connected, but we do know the singular purpose of these links is to scoop in unwary surfers looking for the content and not getting it. Is this illegal? No. Is it dishonest, YES.

Show us the Content ???

Okay. Let's say you really want these Photoshop edges. The spam-grinder isn't finished with you yet. We copy the text link in the previous page and paste it into the browser and it, goes through several other pages, eventually landing us here:

But, where's the content?? Oh! There it is in very small type, overshadowed by more and more advertising. But there's no link.

Scrolling down the page brings us to the actual ad. Ahhhh, we've arrived -- so we think. There's the ad, with image, some tiny samples and a blinking "DOWNLOAD" button -- which does nothing but point to these three links. Choose one. (They all do basically the same thing) I chose "Extabit" which brings me to the page in this screen capture. We think now we can download it, and click on "download" ... but we're whisked off to this screen, surrounded by ads, again stalling the download.

We dutifully fill in the captcha, and click "accept" and immediately go to this page (click for screen capture) -- with yet another "Download" link -- and now we think we've hit the holy grail. Unfortunately NOT. We're immediately taken to an online gambling site (screen capture) with a very small "download" link at the top. Are we there yet? YES! Clicking the link initiates the download.

from : http://guest101.extrabit.com
Stuffit Expander File

So what's the bottom line? Keep reading . . .

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On April 5th, JudyAnn Dutcher said:

You are very wise and I appreciate the education.

On December 8th, Su Hall said:

FYI - Ron is this Ron: http://www.devineydesigns.com/
It looks to me like his works are some of the most jacked works of all time.

Thank you for this post. While I don't do alot with Twitter, I see similar scenarios throughout the web. Good info to know!

Su Hall

On February 13th, kristine said:

twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". See the site below it helps you to find more information.


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