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by Fred Showker

Do you use printers? Do you buy or broker printing for clients? With all the hype surrounding the social media networking world, and devices like the iPad, one might think that putting ink on paper is out of style or becoming a thing of the future. Then you hear stories and news items about bills in congress running 1,700 pages ... and being printed by the tens of thousands. I don't think print is anywhere near dead. At least not in this decade ...

Is quick printing obsolete?

The Quick Printing segment of our marketplace has been around for some time, but is the term is now obsolete? We joke amongst ourselves in the consulting community, wondering what a Quick Printer is compared to, a slow printer?
      These days, most "Quick Printing" firms might better be categorized as small commercial printers.
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E-book reader competition heats up

The competition to build a better e-book reader is heating up this summer. Amazon just cut the price of its best-selling Kindle from $259 to $189 to keep up with Barnes & Noble, which slashed the price of its e-reader, the Nook, from $259 to $199. Each company is feeling the heat from Apple's technologically superior iPad ($499 and up).
      Now it's merely a matter of figuring out which is best. Sony also offers an e-reader, and Google, Dell and Hewlett Packard plan to weigh in, too. But the Kindle has a huge head start and is promising to get better. Amazon is expected to release a thinner Kindle later this summer.
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Slower Reading Speed on e-Readers?

A recent study found that readers using an e-reader such as the Kindle 2 read nearly 11 percent slower than reading the equivalent traditional printed page.
      While the study seems to suggest that tablet reading devices are inferior to printed books for consuming the written word, it does not account for the convenience and overall higher reading volume made possible by devices like the iPad.
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Mounting Web Woes Pummel Newspapers

Slipping Digital Ad Revenue, Emerging Content Farms Present More Challenges for Struggling Industry
      Look at newspapers' share of digital advertising, the crowds checking out other kinds of news sites, or the prices that advertisers will pay for the competition. The conditions in digital media, essential to just about any future growth for newspapers, are getting worse for papers instead.
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Opinions : Old Media vs. New Media

David Brooks :

Quoting  beginsGail, let's give it up for Disney. I'm down here at the Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla., watching a bunch of 11-year-old kids play baseball in 105 degree heat for seven hours a day, and I find that even out beyond the right-field fences, Disney provides high-speed Internet access for free. So I can watch my youngest pitch against 11-year-olds, who are shaving, and also monitor the Kagan hearings on my laptop. Astonishingly, most parents do not seem to be doing this. Quoting  ends

Gail Collins said:

Quoting  begins When the Disney parks first opened, there was this sense that not only did they have neat rides, they were also going to show us the right way to live. The streets were clean! The mass transit always worked! Now you tell me it's a WiFi paradise. I would say that we should all move there right away, except I am kind of deterred by the idea of 11-year-old baseball players who shave. I want to pursue this part of the story when you get back. Quoting  ends

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