Secure your stick

by Fred Showker

EncryptStick software converts YOUR USB flash drive into your personal vault and the key to access and LOCK your private files. EncryptStick software is the most advanced portable security application available on the market today. EncryptStick turns your in-hand serial numbered USB flash drive into an encrypted vault.

EncryptStick EncryptStick gives you the ability to create unlimited invisible encrypted vaults (folders) on an unlimited number of computers, CDs, DVDs or removable hard drives. You get the highest level of protection from identity theft, viruses, hackers and phishers -- the software application runs only from your USB flash drive and not your computer.

One of EncryptStick unique features is our military wipe function which renders no foot print once a file has been deleted from the host computer. It acts as your personal key to your computer. The software enables users to create an unlimited number of invisible, encrypted vaults containing any type of file. The vaults are only visible when the EncryptStick enabled flash drive is inserted and the user's password is entered. Once the EncryptStick-enabled flash drive is plugged into the computer's USB port, the software will run automatically and prompt the user for their password. After entering the password, the user can open existing vaults, create new vaults and easily encrypt or decrypt any file by right-clicking and selecting from a drop down menu, or simply dragging and dropping the files into the vault folders.

encryption on the fly

EncryptStick also enables "encryption on the fly" with the ability to edit documents within vaults while the files are encrypted. Automatic timeouts can be user-defined to lock the EncryptStick vaults and prompt for a password in the instance that you walk away from your computer with the flash drive inserted. If your flash drive is lost or stolen, it is useless to anyone without the password, providing all users with complete peace of mind knowing that their files are safe.

The recently published Symantec Internet Security Threat report stated that a hacking technique called keystroke-logging-often used to steal information such as online bank account credentials -- made up 76 percent of all online threats. EncryptStick's Password Manager feature addresses this important security concern by enabling the user to securely log into sensitive websites, providing advanced algorithmic protection while sensitive passwords are entered.

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