Who gets Yahoo?

by Fred Showker

To give you an idea of how much money that is -- consider the capital gains tax on that could be $9,400,000,000. Translating that into real dollars, that would be enough to build 268,571 FHA approved homes in New Orleans. That's what Yahoo is worth...

While a million dollars really isn't much these days, when the big giants start tossing around billions in 2, 5 and 10 incriments -- you're talking about a whole lot of money. A whole LOT.

So everyone thought Microsoft was taking the cake -- but then, not. And then AOL and Google got involved, but they backed out. Obviously they didn't have the grapes to play with the 'big boys."

Par for the course, corporate greed drove the Yahoo boys to up the ante by another 5-billion, and that's where Microsoft lost the grapes. Late yesterday they pushed back from the table. In reality, 5-billion translates to just another 4-bucks per share. Now, if you follow the stock market these days, you've probably watched some of the stronger, blue-chip stocks lose 4-bucks since January. Some even more. But when you start talking acquisition, that four bucks becomes a $5 billion deal.

Miguel Helft and Andrew Ross Sorkin flush out this latest development for the New York Times

Mark M. Meinero also covers the latest developments for CNNMoney.com

AOL Seen Potential Winner?

Now, CNN Money returns with a change in heart -- wondering if Time Warner Inc. might just walk away with the Yahoo prize. This is opinionated by George Stahl of the Dow Jones Newswires.

The Silicon Valley triangle: Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft

News.com's Dan Farber over in Silicon Valley provides us with this handy-dandy social graph so you can sort out the players as this story evolves.

Is it worth it?

Try pondering that much money. Consider what else you could do with that much money ... completely replace the internal combustion engine? Purchase the Bahamas? Eliminate homeless in 60 American cities? Eliminate cancer? Build a medium sized city on the moon?

If you asked me, Yahoo should stay Yahoo, and keep at least one good competitor for Google and Microsoft. If these three start getting together, the web will be a much more unfriendly place.

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Fred Showker

Fred Showker, Editor, Graphic Design & Publishing

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