June: Design Vacation

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It's June, and in many places, people will be planning or embarking on summer vacations! When the designer goes on vacation, all design problems may be left behind at the office or studio -- or, perhaps a little bit of the studio will come along.

Taking a Design Vacation?

During May, DTG readers were asked to relate tips, stories and antidotes about their reflections on taking a vacation. Do you get away from it all -- or do you continue to think about design in your travels? They've provided us with the following insightful suggestions... we love them all!

Steve H Takes a book along...cover

Steve writes:
      "A nice short book (192 pages)I enjoyed last time I was taking a short break is Designers in Handcuffs, its not a kinky designer romance novel but a great little book about dealing with issues of short time, materials, and tight wallets. Anyway is published by HOW Design Books, written by Pat Matson Knapp"
[END QUOTE] Steve is a self employed freelancer from Crown Point, IN, USA

Roger E also takes along books...

Roger writes:
      "I always look forward to vacation and taking along those books I've been wanting to catch up on. Getting away seems to provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy reading without the usual interruptions!"
[END QUOTE] Roger is a design professional from Salt Lake City, Utah, US

David C "Degauses" his mind...

David writes:
      "When one finds the time and funds to actually go on vacation, there seems to be a great impetous on "Having Fun". To be somewhere that doesn't remind you of work or home... or perhaps some place that you have always wanted to visit that you will only be able to realistically be once in your life so that you can say that you were there. But to me, the meaning of a vacation is more about degausing your mind... Finding your center again so that you can gain perspective upon that which has passed since the last time you had the opportunity to take such a break from what has become your life."
[END QUOTE] David is a self employed freelancer from Farmington Hills, MI, USA

Jackie gets her best ideas on vacation...

Jackie writes:
      "My husband is an avid golfer. So our vacations revolve around his golf game. And while he's playing golf I say I'll be lounging at the pool. When in reality, I'm on the balcony with my laptop! I discovered the harbor is flooded with wireless, high speed internet nodes just begging to log into. What a great time I have!"
[END QUOTE] Jackie is an editorial designer for a regional magazine based out of Ohio, US

Sarah tries to leave it behind...

She writes:
      "I can never seem to 'get away' ... since summer is the busy time at our agency prepping campaigns for fall delivery there are always press proofs and ad deadlines looming. I have to call in at least twice a day. Last year I had to receive and send two Fed Ex packages from the hotel. Hopefully this year will be different."
[END QUOTE] Sarah is a creative director from New York, NY, US

How do you approach vacation?

If you're a visual, creative in the fields of communication arts, we're predicting that has some effect on your leisure and vacation time! If you've got an unusual or compelling story to tell, just pass it along!

thanks for reading

Fred Showker

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