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March: Designing Women

... who is your favorite

This month, DTG readers and subscribers of the Design Cafe share some brief comments about Designing Women, or Women in History
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Art Nouveau with Margaret MacDonald

Art Nouveau with Margaret MacDonald

Debbie writes:

quoting My favorite "Designing Woman" has to be Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, wife of famed "Arts and Crafts" designer, Rennie Macintosh. end quote

Although best known for her large gesso panels, she was equally at home in such mediums as watercolors, graphics, metalwork and textiles. Now somewhat eclipsed by her husband, in her time she was well-known and a major influence on such people as Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann. Her own husband admitted "Margaret is half if not three-quarters of all my work..." and "Margaret has genius, I have only talent."
Opera of the Winds painting
Parfumme from
Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh [END QUOTE]

Thank you Debbie for contributing. Debbie uses Windows XP and PhotoshopCS extensively for her masterpieces at"
Debbie is a photographer from Lincoln, NE USA

Lindsey of Apperly Design

Women have the advantage!

Lindsey writes:

quoting I've run my own business for 5 years and I find being a woman an advantage! Clients tend to trust you more and some have said women are more creative. end quote


I design brochures, leaflets, logos, websites and have recently set up a sideline called Artylicious designing and selling cavases. I'm really excited about it and its something I love doing. I sell pop art, flowers, abdtract and photography on canvas and also on roller blinds.
      My computer platform is Mac OSX and favourite software at the momet is Illstrator CS, the brushes are great for designing my canvases! [END QUOTE]
Editorial Design
Post Cards
Lindsey is a design professional from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK Visit Lindsey's online gallery at:

Happy March

And, that about wraps it up for this month. One of our favorite Designing Women from the 2005 March issue was Heather Marie Kirkland from Tampa Florida who doesn't just share a brief comment, but a whole article. We also enjoyed meeting Jo Swartz, Corereactive , and Julie Tiedens of Bohtieque Design

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