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100 Years of Signs

Signs of the TimesIf you've been even remotely involved with designing or producing signs, you'll be familiar with the cornerstone magazine of the industry Signs of the Times -- as much a fixture of Americana as the signage it features. This month celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Women in Design & Art

WomenThis month selected DTG readers share their thoughts on our "Designing Women" theme with Art Nouveau, Polynesian influence and one who says "Women have an advantage" ... Designing Women

Design Strategy & Planning

DesignThis month selected readers share their top priorities for 2006... planning, Promotional Ideas, Marketing Ideas, Studio Ideas, Tips for planning a design and other Design Strategy

February: Black History

Black HistoryIn honor of Black History Month we take this fun and educational field trip to visit the leading archives and prestigious educational institutions to discover more wonderful visual art works by African American Artists & Designers.

Fonts, Type & Typography

FontsThis month's topic brought some truly insightful and amusing commentary from the DTG and Design Cafe readers about their personal thoughts on type, fonts and typography! We liked them all, and they all win a great prize. Enjoy Fonts, Type & Typography ... September comments and October comments

Photographing your dreams...

fantasy photographyA lucky few are in the right place at the right time to see a princess-warrior -- clad in skins and chain-mail -- emerging from the woods with her companion wolf! Can you photograph such things? With the help of Victor Ciccarelli, you can. On this field trip we'll visit a place where you can actually photograph your dreams...

Field Trip: Latta Art

LattaLatta Art Services is a stock photography web site with a difference. Not just digital stock photography -- but unique photographic illustrations carefully enhanced for a unique look and feel... Latta Art.

August: The Electric Web

blinkThis month's topic turned out to be a raving crazy hoot -- you'll laugh, gasp, be amazed, shocked and entertained with this month's entries. There's some incredible work represented here -- and some junk! Enjoy the most bizarre, weird, cool, strange or horrible sites on the ... Electric Web

Two Wild & Crazy Clip Art Guys

Art Parts... Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ron & Joe and their extraordinary ART PARTS stock art web site -- get a shot in the arm in this totally fun and unique stock art and illustrations collection... let's take a field trip to Ron & Joe's Art Parts.

Field Trip: Photo Shoot

critters Andy Williams, noted nature photographer and a director at shares his experience and takes us along on a nature shoot to capture some rather striking photos of wildlife... The Price of Admission to Goosedom.

July: Digital Cameras On the Go

This month's reader entries are some of the best we've ever had -- comments from professionals and amateurs alike with good suggestions and tips from Advice: Learn your camera" to "shutter lag in the DSLR" to "Shooting RAW" ... is you use a digital camera this is for you... if not, it's really for you: ...Digital Cameras On the Go

June: Designers' Books & Reading

During May we invited subscribers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to write in and relate a comment about their reading and learning faves... or just suggest a graphics or design book to read. We didn't get many responses, but from those we found five that hit the mark! See what designers are reading these days...

May: Design Graduates...

During April we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share a comment about their training, experiences in Design School, and advice to this year's crop of graduating designers...
Sorry to report we didn't have a single graduate sign up to show their portfolio.

Beware: Online Criminals at Large

You are drawn into a web site appearing to be authentic with familiar graphics and logos... but wait! Something's wrong with this email... something's seriously wrong!'s Nowshade Kabir demystifies the emerging crime wave of Phishing for Your Identity.

Reader Favorites

This month selected reader posts talk about "favorites" from 2005... from Adobe Creative Suite, to iStock Photos and Cable Modem Help; to Creative Public, GameRange Studio and Wallpaper Sequencer Standard. We always like to discover Reader Favorites

April: Designing Spring

During March we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share a comment or suggestion about color palettes and ideas they use to sell their client's message for a Springtime Promotion... Designing Spring.

March: How Designers Sell

During February we invited readers to relate a comment or suggestion about design techniques they use to sell their client's message... so here's the way some designers Sell.

February: Black History

in honor of Black History Month, we thought it would be fun and educational to take a field trip to some prestigious educational institutions to see some wonderful visual art works by African American Artists & Designers.

February: Design Plans

During January, we asked DTG readers to write in and share their "design" planning for the year. From Updating Web Sites, to a Photographic Journey our readers are moving forward. There are some fun ones this month, Be sure to read the entry from Mark and check out the sound clips from the Violet Crown Radio Players in Mark's post! See all of our February Winners

New Year (Financial) Resolutions

to a Better Financial Future ...'s Nowshade Kabir says: "This is a good time to set yearly goals and make resolutions -- on making money!" Follow along as he gives you some tips on Financial Resolutions.

January: BEST of 2004

During December, DTG readers were asked to submit their favorite shareware, freeware or commercial software discoveries... and we have a great line-up inclucing: PowerPro Win-only FREEWARE; Digital Juice Drops; Fractal Design Print Pro; Nikon & Canon cameras and Converting True Type Fonts! So here are the top posts from December's winning designers on BEST STUFF....

December: Designing Holidays

During November, DTG readers were asked to submit their favorite ideas for unique, creative holiday promotions. So here are the top posts from November's winning designers on Creative Greetings....

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