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MSN Search Engine: How Good Is It?'s Nowshade Kabir takes us on a field trip to MSN's new search engine... "consider all the new features of MSN that Google does not have yet, its ability to cover natural language queries, quality level and relevance of results, ability to refine searches, you may want to consider the MSN Search Engine".

Autumn: Fall Fonts Festival

During September and October, DTG readers related some tips and tricks about their favorite fonts, font download sites, techniques and philosophies surrounding type and typography. So here are the top posts from October's winning designers on Typography....

LA Art Scene: Snap to Grid

Mix the LA art scene with an open show where every entry will be shown, and what do you get? Snap To Grid.

August Winners: Design School

During July DTG readers related some tips and tricks about their favorite learning experiences. So here are the top posts from August's winning designers on learning and education....

JULY Winners: Patriotic Design

During June we asked our DTG readers were asked to relate insights, emotions and antidotes about patriotic art and design in their country. July's winning designers on Patriotism...

Designing Women...

This month we introduce Julianne Nardone and Janet Bertucci -- Beautiful graphic design from Ashland Masschusetts and Cambridge Massachusetts; and the design power behind Designing Words and Folia Graphic Design

June Winners: Design Vacations

During May, DTG readers were asked to relate tips, stories and antidotes about their reflections on taking a vacation. Do you get away from it all -- or do you continue to think about design in your travels? So, take a look at how June's winning designers take their vacations...

Designing Women...

Welcome Catherine Morley and her firm Katz Design

Welcome Creative Latitude...

News, reviews and schmooze among some of the more prominent design names in the industry... creatives with "latitude"

Personal Computer Software and Ethics

James Redelfs for the Omaha Macintosh Users' Group newsletter shares his comments about computer ethics. Is this still true today? We invite your comments on Computer Software and Ethics

May Winners: Creative Beginnings Month

MAY is, of course the month to celebrate Mothers's day and the coming of spring for most people in the northern hemisphere. However, did you know it's also "Creative Beginnings Month"... DTG readers sent their tips, stories and antidotes about how they get creative ideas: "Getting Creative Ideas"

APRIL WINNERS: Spring Colors

April showers bring May flowers, but also brings COLOR blooming! These DTG readers share their experiences and comments about: "Favorite Spring Colors"

March Winners: "Luck of the Designer"

Did you feel lucky last month? Did'ya? Well these creative members of the Design Center felt lucky and wrote in to share their experiences. The WIN! Read their winning comments at these links: "Luck of the Designer"

February Winners: "I Love Design"

This month we had two questions. Read their winning comments at these links: "What I discovered in 2003", and "What I Love about Design, or Valentine's"

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