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Each year we commemorate "Women In History Month" with special visits with influential women in the graphic design, illustration, photography or web design fields. Catherine Morley was one of our first "Designing Women" and we've pulled her cameo page and updated it here for an all new visit

The Katz Design

design works from Katz What is so special about Catherine Morley is her pure energy. She's a Californian, walking, talking fireball of exuberant creativity. She exudes an energy and excitement that touches everyone she comes in contact with.

Moving from a career working for oil companies as a Graphic Specialist, Catherine started Katz Design Group in 1997 after landing in Brunei Darussalam. By happenstance, she was asked to design a promo for a Halal toothpaste company, which she did -- and did superbly. Soon after, the Halal status was attained by paying an Iman to bless the ingredients borrowed by a Colgate technician. Whether this was true or not, it certainly added to the uniqueness of the story. Her toothpaste designs were soon seen by people far and wide which included, of course, the British Council of Brunei. Practically overnight she found herself with the esteemed job of promoting the British Councils Education Exhibitions; solely responsible for designing two to three Exhibitions and concerts a year. The Katz Design Group was off and running.

Remarkably, even this exciting career couldn't quench Catherine's energies for avenues of expression. After 6 years of enjoying the hot sands and tropical jungles of Borneo, the decision was made to relocate to the UK.

Today the Design Group has grown to a formidable cross-cultural group with Malaysian, Singaporean, Chinese, Irish, European and American reach, growing one to to nine employees in a short years. Katz' client list has worked for such clients as Council for British Teachers, Aliance Francaise, The British Council, Mercedes-Benz, Sunsuria Microsystems, Wings Express and others throughout the UK and Southeast Asia, India, Thailand and across Europe.

On to bigger and better things...

Catherine's exciting new project today -- and why we're here -- is a remarkable new web site called Creative Latitude. This worldwide community unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. It's a gathering place, a design field magazine, a news service and fun learning place all rolled into one!

We're happy to welcome Catherine back to the Design Center, and look forward to following along the Katz trail of excitement. Most importantly we're happy to be associated with, and participating in . . .

Creative Latitude...

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Of course, we invite your comment. If you are a woman in the design fields, and wold like to be considered for a cameo on the Design Center, just let us know!

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