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A Lot'a Art from Latta Art

with Bill Latta of Latta Art

lattaLatta Art Services is a stock photography web site with a difference. LattaSTOCK, a new online image resource doesn't just offer quality digital photos -- but unique illustrations for licensed use by creative professionals.

watercolor Unlike large, high-volume stock sites, LattaSTOCK provides candid, real-life images that are much more exclusive than larger, high-volume stock sites. The images are created by Bill Latta, a thirty year career professional. He specializes in candid lifestyle and editorial photos, editorial illustrations, technical illustrations, and rare historical and biblical reconstructions.

Jukebox The photos are all new -- made especially for stock. They are both stunning and fresh. The illustrations are all published art, and offer remarkable clarity and detail. All images are quality professional photos and illustrations readily available for placement in any layout or web page design.

Designed as a simple, easy to use, no-nonsence site, LattaSTOCK is organized into Photography and Illustrations by subject. There are eight numbered thumbnail images per subject page. A simple click on any thumbnail provides an enlarged image for close inspection.

art work Subject pages number from as few as only one page, to as many as twenty. Upon reaching the end of images available in a given subject, users are automatically returned to the main Photography or Illustration page for easy access to other subjects.

the car Subjects and images can be easily bookmarked for current or upcoming projects. The appearance and navigation of LattaSTOCK should seem familiar to most creative professionals. The layout and navigation tools are designed to look and function online much like a printed catalog or resource book. Handy buttons at the bottom of each page allows users to flip quickly from page-to-page-just like one would thumb through any printed image catalog or resource book.

Browsing LattaSTOCK is simple and fast. Users can quickly survey the subjects and check out image compositions, quality and details.

BEFORE Should the right image not be available, a custom image can be easily created-tailor-made for any project. (Click on the image at left, and see a Before-&-After example of some of the things Bill Latta can do with your images!)

LattaSTOCK is committed to providing professional quality digital images for creative professionals to help empower their creative ideas and messages. Check it out!

Hope you've enjoyed this little field trip. If you know of an artist or artist's site that DTG readers would enjoy visiting, just let us know and we'll schedule a visit and maybe even an interview!

Thanks for reading.

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