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My Favorite Discovery of 2003

These readers entered our web site sweepstakes during December and January "What I discovered in 2003" and WIN PRIZES for their insightful comments...

To play again... feeds the creative spirit

Caroline writes:
      "I love design so much, but I had gotten a little stale this past year. A couple of things changed this. I attended a graphic design conference, which was amazing. Just being around so many other designers really helped to pump my creative spirit up. Partially from my experience at the conference, the second thing that changed was that I gave myself permission to PLAY again! September 11th made us all get serious for a while, and rightly so, but I think a lot of us forgot that we need to feed our creative spirits in order to stay fresh. So go to a conference, a play, a concert, a party, or just visit some new shops or restaurants. You will, no doubt, be inspired."
[END QUOTE] Caroline said she'd really like to have some creative inspiration... so we're sending her the award winning "Power of Art" book from How Design Books! Caroline is a Design professional from Columbus, OH

Stock Photos and lots of images for Mike

Mike writes:
      "I have several favorite recent finds, which I've shared with the Cafe Mailing List as well, but I don't think everyone understands the VALUE of these two finds.
      First, Great site with great photos. Designers, photographers and artists share their photographs and images with others of like minds. These images are available to use royalty-free so long as it is not redistributed, etc. (stock license stuff). Membership is $10 for first time, allowing for 20 downloads. After that, it is $0.50/image to download. If you upload images to share, and these images are downloaded, you receive a credit for each photo, and can then either "cash out" or convert your earnings to more downloads.
      The second FIND is At ShutterPoint, there are several membership plans available. I chose the 6-month, 100 MB option. For this, I can post up to 100 MB of photos for others to view, provide feedback on, and purchase for royalty-free use. Minimum charge for a photo is $20. As with any stock photo purchase, the license should be reviewed. Besides potential income from this site (I've not made a sale yet from this site), the other great benefit of being a member of ShutterPoint is the ability to receive ratings and feedback from others (only members can rate a photo), which is very helpful. Likewise, you may comment and rate others' photos, too. This feature serves to create a community.
      Both sites have some stunning and useful photography, well-lighted, well composed, contemporary. I recommend anyone who uses photography in their work to consider visiting these sites the next time they need a royalty-free stock photograph."
[END QUOTE] Mike is a Web Design professional from Wichita, KS USA Swope

New designer discovers Before & After

Janet writes:
      "I am new to the design field. After spending years in corporate marketing I am now on my own working with small businesses and need to do the design work myself rather than handing it off to an outside agency. A great resource I have found is Before & After Magazine. Lots of good design ideas (with practical applications) along with the *how* and the *why* of the design. A great learning tool. They have just published a book of articles from past issues of the magazine. A real treat for those of us who are new to the magazine and especially useful for self-taught designers. (Tip: visit"
[END QUOTE] Janet is a self employed freelancer from Santa Rosa, CA 95401

2003 discoverd eZines

Sue writes:
      "The most useful sites of 2003 have been the design ezines to which I subscribe: DT&G (Design Cafe), Crative Prose, Web Pro, SitePro News for marketing ideas.
[Editor Note: Sue didn't include any links for these, we shall urge her to share those with all of us!]"
[END QUOTE] Sue is a Desktop Publishing professional from Waukesha, WI, US

Flattery gets you anywhere...

Stephanie writes:
      "Well, this won't win, but I must say that my FAVORITE find in 2003 was THIS WEBSITE and list. I love what I have learned in just a few short weeks and I thank all those involved in any and every aspect of this group. Thanks so much and have a Happy New Year!!"
Stephanie wins Making iMovies and iMovie Missing Manual [END QUOTE] Stephanie is a Education, Training or Teaching from Mesa, AZ, USA

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