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Who we are, why you'll like us...

We're going to talk a bit about design and publishing. We'll chat about graphics, layout and typography, and we'll always look for better ways of communicating with less cost and less bother. Newbies are always welcome, and there are no stupid questions!

But the most important ingredient in this little corner of the world is you. Without you there's nothing to talk about, and no one to talk with. So please, plan to speak up, jot in some comments, or post a question. We're here for you. Above all, have a good time!

What is DT&G?

DT&G stands for "design, type and graphics." It can also mean "Desktop Graphics" if you prefer. David Pogue of Macworld magazine calls it "Delicous Tips from the Guru!"

For nearly 10 years, two distinctly different versions of DT&G have been enjoyed by thousands of online readers on the Web, major services, and many BBSs.

How will it benefit you?

DT&G touches on many different topics that are of particular interest to those in desktop publishing, design, marketing, or business in general.

How is DT&G different from all others?

First: we're reader driven, second: we're spam-free.
This is very important to you, unless you'd rather read stuff from writers writing about stuff they want to write about (or that advertisers have paid them to write about), and if you like to sit there while rude online ads bump and gyrate trying to sell you something!
... Most of the items which will appear in DT&G are real-life questions and problems from readers, or folks who have attended any of our workshops, make-over clinics or seminars. If you've attended our workshops, you'll be familiar with the "Get Info" cards.
... These cards are for specific, off-the-topic questions that attendees would like to have addressed. Most of the time we get to the questions during the workshops, but sometimes we mail or call/fax the answers to the person in need.

Who can benefit?

DT&G is a platform for the exchange of ideas between real people. If a question comes up, chances are it will come up again and again. You'd be surprised at how many times the exact same questions are asked! Don't be bashfull. Send e-mail, or visit the "Guest Book" to enter your questions and comments.

Please take advantage of everything we have to offer.

It will only help you in your daily activities. Please also take advantage of all the opportunities that exist in the online community. Ask questions, offer feedback, and contribute your ideas and opinions. We're here for you, and we're all here for each other.

Thanks for reading
Fred Showker

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Plus more info is available at our On-Demand Documents Desk by requesting information ...Put the word HOSPITALITY, and GUIDELINES in the subject area.

Remember: we're always on the look-out for great stories... past a note about your victories! If your story is selected to be published in DT&G, you'll not only gain fabulous fame... you'll win a FREE subscription to the Design Center Publications, as well as a well-earned trip to the Design & Publishing Center Treasure Chest!

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