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Russ Nolte: Business Instruments
Russ Nolte has provided this document as a sample of his collection of 56 pages covering 35 forms on Demands, Notes, Guarantees, Joint Property, Letter of Credit, Power of Attorney, Capital Investment, ETC. This collection may be ordered for $6 with delivery by diskett (Macintosh format) or EMail (IBM or Mac).
Russ Nolte, P.O.Box 1033 Torrance, CA 90505

The following is for your free use.

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Assignment made this ____ day of ____________ ,19__ by ________________ ("Assignor") to ________________ ("Assignee").

For valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, Assignor hereby assigns to Assignee the accounts set forth in Schedule A attached hereto, having an aggregate value of _____________________, together with: all amounts due or to become due upon the accounts; title to the goods represented by the accounts whether or not received, rejected, returned or reconsigned; and title to any new account, including amounts to become due, created by a subsequent resale and not received, rejected, returned or reconsigned.

Concurrent with the execution of this Assignment, Assignor delivers to Assignee, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, all invoices and shipping documents representing the goods and accounts receivable herein assigned. Assignor agrees to deliver and execute such other documents as are reasonably requested by Assignee with respect to this Assignment.

Assignor herewith warrants and represents to Assignee:

Schedule A attached hereto is a true and accurate statement of open accounts now owing to Assignor, that all sales are bona fide sales and that said goods have been shipped as ordered, received and accepted.

  1. Schedule A attached hereto reflects the true net balances and payment history of each account and the date payment of each account is due.
  2. All accounts are free of any lien, security interest or any encumbrance and payment is not subject to any contingency not yet performed by any party.
  3. Assignor had at the time of the delivery of the goods free and clear title to the goods and Assignor has the full legal right to make this assignment.
  4. Any payments received by the Assignor for the accounts herein transferred shall be received by the Assignor on behalf of and as the property of the Assignee and shall be immediately transferred to the Assignee, subject to collection, or properly endorsed.

[In the event of default in the payment of any account herein transferred and upon demand by Assignee the Assignor shall repurchase the defaulted account at the value paid for that account.]

Assignor acknowledges that Assignee has relied on Assignor's warranties and representations in taking this Assignment.

In Witness Whereof the Assignor has executed this Assignment.



[Notary Statement]

[FORM L-11F]

About this file:
This file was originally uploaded to AOL as "freeware" by
Russ Nolte . You are encouraged to contact Russ for 56 pages covering 35 forms on Demands, Notes, Guarantees, Joint Property, Letter of Credit, Power of Attorney, Capital Investment, etc., which may be ordered for $6 with delivery by diskett (Macintosh format ) or EMail (IBM or Mac).

Russ Nolte,
P.O.Box 1033, Torrance, CA 90505

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