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You've read my article about promotions with scratch pads, and, you may have seen my article on how to make your own padding press. Well, so did Hugh M. Lyman...

The Padding Magic Padding Press Magic Press

sure is a sweet solution to the problem...

Last month, I got a call from Hugh Lyman, who had seen my padding press article and instructions. He also saw last year's update with Andre Picotte's "Mini Padding Press" -- a great design -- which is no longer available. What Hugh contacted me about was to show me his padding press design. With first contact I thought "Oh no, here we go again!" But Hugh insisted he send me his Padding Magic and I could see for myself. Well folks, it arrived last week -- just in time for this month's issue -- and I'm knocked out!

Padding Magic

Magic Padding wedgesForget about building your own press... and don't even think about buying any of those plans or gizmos on eBay! If you're going to pad, this is the one. This really has to be the best in-house padding press I've seen to date -- and you can get it for a paltry 49-bucks! Sheesh, I can scarcely buy the wood and parts for that!

Hugh is a designer and inventer and has really fine-tuned the necessary parts and motions involved in using a padding press. He's even come up with an ingenious method of clamping the paper using wedges -- and the whole thing folds into a nice flat 13 x 12 x 4 for quick easy storage! (My design was a monster to store!)

I don't know how he can do it, but Hugh will send you everything you need, neatly packaged in a clean, new container complete with press body, clamp arm assembly, clamp plate, handle, wedges, spacer plates and even picture instructions with DVD video Demo. C'mon! You could be padding by day-after-tomorrow! Remarkably, it takes no assembly and no screw clamps. You heavy-duty users can load this baby with up to 1,000 sheets 20# paper.

My favorite features:

Padding MagicFirst, I can adjust the "throat" to match the size of the load. Rather than cranking way down if you only need to do 50 to 100 sheets, the kit comes with spacer bars that take up the extra space. So you can do smaller batches at a time.

I also like the way you set it up to paint the edges with padding compound. You can quickly just mask off the edges to keep them clean. (Believe me, padding compound is messy, and you'll have it all over everything. Letting it get on the press itself will create a build-up problem later.) You could just as easily use a couple of pieces of wax paper or aluminum foil to keep everything clean and tidy.

Get started binding Calanders, Scratch Pads, Note Cards, Memo Pads , Manuals or just about anything else you need put together into a pad. See Hugh M. Lyman's Magic Press!

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to send me a sample!

Fred Showker


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