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Over 5 Billion Ads NOT served

As you know I've been fighting an uphill, one-man battle against those rude, blinking banner ads you see all over the internet these days. It gets worse and worse each day, and if you read the internet advertising lists you know that the hucksters are out there inventing new ad formats, and new tricks at an alarming rate.
___ The most disheartening new evolution was when Madison Avenue -- come dot com -- discovered porno sites. The hucksters were obviously thrilled to discover web page code that would pop up a new window or a new page each time the retreating readers wants out. Click the back button, new page... click the close button, new page. Millions of web surfers suddenly find themselves unable to leave the web site without quitting the browser program.
___ So you can see why that headline (above) instantly caught my attention. Here's a big round of applause to Lisa Dilg at Perkett PR agency for sending this one in.
___ interMute, Inc., who originally developed AdSubtract web-preference software, have achieved a new milestone in blocking Internet ads. With AdSubtract, Internet users have blocked over five billion Internet advertisements in little over a year, freeing up terabytes of bandwidth and improving the overall Internet experience for users everywhere.
___ According to a recent report by comScore Networks and Diameter, a division of DoubleClick, Inc., Internet users worldwide number 296 million, with 128 million in the USA alone. Five billion blocked ads is the equivalent of 17 ads blocked for every Internet user worldwide, or 39 ads blocked per USA user.
___ Here's the good news. AdSubtract software has been updated to allow users to block Pop-Up, Pop-Under and Flash multimedia Internet advertisements. As Internet advertising click-through rates have steadily declined, the advertising community has launched a number of more intrusive formats in an attempt to inflate the effectiveness of Internet advertising. The Pop-Up, Pop-Under and Flash ads are graphically intensive, bandwidth-draining advertising formats gaining popularity with Internet advertisers, but not with Internet users who loudly express their disdain for these formats.
___ AdSubtract now blocks these pervasive new ad formats, as well as the vast majority of traditional banner ads. AdSubtract also provides simple tools to manage Internet cookies with its advanced cookie management panel. This is essential for protecting online privacy while surfing the web, and you should check it out.

BRA-VOH InterMute !


I was at a web site yesterday... The banner ad was blinking so fast it resonated with the monitor frequency and was actually painful to look at. I did not care who's ad it was... only that it would GO AWAY.

This is NOT an ad. And, I do not usually give so blatant of an endorsement.

But just keep in mind:
In the words of several famous web design and usability gurus:

One of the top ten ways you can tell if your web page sucks is if anything moves or blinks.

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