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Russ Nolte: Business Instruments
Russ Nolte has provided this document as a sample of his collection of 56 pages covering 35 forms on Demands, Notes, Guarantees, Joint Property, Letter of Credit, Power of Attorney, Capital Investment, ETC. This collection may be ordered for $6 with delivery by diskett (Macintosh format) or EMail (IBM or Mac).
Russ Nolte, P.O.Box 1033 Torrance, CA 90505

The following is for your free use.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pledge Agreement made this ____ day of ________, 19__, by and between

("Borrower") and

("Lender"), and is made with reference to the following facts:

A. Borrower and Lender have entered into a Loan Agreement dated ________________ for a Loan in the amount of $__________.

B. Pursuant to the Loan Agreement Borrower is to pledge certain personal property as collateral to secure repayment of the Loan which personal property is listed on Schedule A attached hereto (the "Collateral").

C. Lender would not have extended credit to Borrower pursuant to the Loan Assignment and Note but for the Borrower's execution of this Pledge Agreement.

THEREFORE, in order to induce Lender to loan to Borrower, Borrower agrees:

  1. SECURITY INTEREST: As security for the Loan, Borrower hereby pledges, assigns, transfers and grants to Lender a security interest in and to the personal property described in Schedule A attached hereto.
  2. DELIVERY TO AND DUTIES OF LENDER: In furtherance of the pledge, assignment, transfer and grant Borrower shall deliver to Lender the personal property described in Schedule A attached hereto together with such assignments or powers necessary at the time of Closing. Borrower agrees that Lender shall have no liability of any kind or nature whatsoever with respect to the Collateral, other than to hold, release or dispose of the same in accordance with the terms and provisions of this Pledge Agreement.
  3. COSTS: Borrower shall pay or reimburse Lender for all costs and expenses advanced or incurred by Lender in connection with the perfection and protection of the security interest granted herein or the preservation or disposition of the Collateral, or any part thereof.
  4. TITLE: Lender is the legal and beneficial owner of all the Collateral, has and will have good and marketable title to the Collateral free and clear of any security interest, lien, pledge, option, claim, lease or other encumbrance unless otherwise indicated on Schedule A attached hereto.
  5. INSURANCE and RISK OF LOSS: Borrower shall keep the Collateral insured for its full value at all times and retains the risk of loss of such Collateral.
  6. NOTIFICATION: The parties shall promptly notify each other in writing of any event which affects the value of the Collateral.

INTENDING TO BE LEGALLY BOUND, the parties hereto have caused this Pledge Agreement to be executed as of the date first above written.




About this file:
This file was originally uploaded to AOL as "freeware" by
Russ Nolte . You are encouraged to contact Russ for 56 pages covering 35 forms on Demands, Notes, Guarantees, Joint Property, Letter of Credit, Power of Attorney, Capital Investment, etc., which may be ordered for $6 with delivery by diskett (Macintosh format ) or EMail (IBM or Mac).

Russ Nolte,
P.O.Box 1033, Torrance, CA 90505

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