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Postcard Marketing Secrets

How-to Manual Marks Third Edition

by Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder"

Have you priced display advertising or Yellow Pages listings? They can add up to big money in a hurry. What's worse: if you decide to spend your hard-earned cash on them, there's no guarantee that you'll get any response.

I've found a way around this dilemma by using color postcards. They've been an essential part of my marketing toolkit for eight years, and they've brought thousands of dollars worth of business to my Web and graphic design studio here in Tucson, Arizona.

Promote your businesse with direct mail postcards

Western Sky Communications has rolled out the publication of Postcard Marketing Secrets, Third Edition -- showing you how to promote your businesses with direct mail postcards, evaluate their results, and build a comprehensive marketing plan.

Written by Western Sky Communications owner Martha Retallick, Postcard Marketing Secrets shows readers how to:
* 1. Promote their businesses with direct mail postcards.
* 2. Evaluate the results of their postcard marketing efforts.
* 3. Build a comprehensive marketing plan that includes postcards and other promotional tools.

Postcard Marketing Secrets consists of three PDF e-books, two Excel applications, and a complete set of instructions. Included in the package are:

1. The Postcard Marketing Secrets PDF e-book. It begins with a guide to the process of planning, implementing, and evaluating a postcard marketing campaign. Then, readers are introduced to business people who have successfully used postcards. The e-book concludes with a Resources for Postcard Marketers section offering:
* An international list of postcard printing companies.
* Leads to mailing list rental agencies and mailing list cleaning services.
* A bibliography of books, websites, and organizations of interest to marketers.ROI calc

2. The Direct Mail Return on Investment Calculator. This Excel application includes two calculators, one with U.S. dollars, and the other without. Each one can figure the ROI for a completed campaign, or for one that is being planned.

To use the Direct Mail Return On Investment Calculator, a user enters:
* The costs of the mailing
* Size of the mailing
* The number of people who responded to the offer
* The number of sales closed

Then the Direct Mail Return On Investment Calculator totals the costs, and also figures response rate, sales closing rate, and ROI.

(Shown at right, click for full view)tracker

3. The 25 Marketing Tools Tracker. This Excel application incorporates 25 commonly used marketing tools. They include:
* Seeking publicity
* Sending postcards
* Advertising
* Offering free samples
* Giving and getting referrals

The Tracker helps users keep track of their marketing efforts on a daily, weekly, and annual basis. (Shown at right, click for full view)

Postcard Marketing Secrets

Get the Instant Download of Postcard Marketing Secrets for $199.95! You'll be getting the internationally renowned Postcard Marketing Secrets e-book, plus:
* The Direct Mail Return on Investment Calculator
* The 25 Marketing Tools Tracker
* Postcard Marketing Secrets is now available for purchase at:
For more information, contact Martha Retallick, Western Sky Communications, 520-690-1888.

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