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Public Relations Resources

Release Distribution

  1. Majon International - Distributes press releases via email.
  2. DP Directory, Inc. - We'll e-mail your press release to more than 1,400 computer editors worldwide.
  3. Press Release Distribution Service - Press release distribution to target news media, individual journalists, reporters, analysts and consumers.
  4. Eric Ward's URLwire - A selective and personalized non-automated news matching service. Specializing in sending news of high-end Web launches, re-launches, Web-based events and Web happenings, to Internet and Web news editors, reporters, writers, site reviewers, and news headline aggregators.
  5. Eworldwire - Distributor of press releases to thousands of publications and writers.
  6. The Internet Newsbureau - Internet press release submission service.
  7. Internet Wire - Provides press release distribution to major media.
  8. Journalists Direct - UK and Ireland -- Jounalists write press releases for small to medium sized businesses.
  9. - Web based public relations system.
  10. Newsfeed UK - Press releases and distribution via e-mail to targeted publications.
  11. PR Builder - Press release services with coverage of North American media.
  12. PR Factory - Full range of services, no monthly retainer and no long term commitment.
  13. PR Leads - Provides story leads to the press for experts, authors and speakers seeking publicity.
  14. Press 1 Promotions - Offers to send customers' press releases to search engines and media outlets.
  15. Press Flash - Distributor of business press releases. Releases are faxed to media professionals covering the Internet.
  16. Press Release Distribution - Offers press release services for the US, Europe and Latin countries via email and FAX.
  17. Press Release Express - Online press release preparation and distribution services.
  18. Press Release Network - Press release distribution service for promoting any news or event worldwide.
  19. PressBox (UK) - Free press release distribution services for leading UK based journalists.
  20. (CA) - Press release service to Canadian and US media.
  21. PressWerks - A national press release distribution service.
  22. SearchWire.Net - Provides press releases exposure through search engine placement.
  23. Tela Communications - Electronic press release services distribution to 800-1500 national and international media sources.
  24. Training Press Releases (UK) - Distributes training providers' press releases to UK journalists and news organisations in the learning, HR and IT media.
  25. Woodhill Communications - Get technical articles published about your company and products.
  26. Worldannounce Network - Self-publishing news announcement network with 104,448 channels covering 192 countries and 8 news types.
  27. Xpress Press - Personalized e-mail distribution of press releases to customized media lists internationally. Expertise in writing for e-mail.

Trainers, writers for hire
  1. A-Press Release - Learn how to distribute press releases: shows you how to write and distribute your own press releases.
  2. Bill Hartzer - Writes and distributes press releases for websites.
  3. Capital News Communications - Offering press release writing, distribution, proof reading and freelance writing.
  4. eReleases - Specializes in targeting editors. Offers a press release writing service as well as tips on how to write and send a press release.
  5. Exclamation PR - Press release writing and distribution service. Learn tips on writing a good PR.
  6. GoPressRelease - Offering press release writing and distribution to thousands of journalists and media contacts at an affordable price.
  7. Global PR Media - Offers press release distribution and writing services via email and fax.
  8. 1871 Media, Inc. - Provides tools that allows political campaigns to distribute press releases, promote events, and send email newsletters.
  9. MEK Enterprises - Provides online press release writing and news release distribution services.
  10. NewsReleaseDirect - Creates media exposure for small businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, musicians and artists.
  11. Press Release News - Press release distribution via email and FAX. Also offers professional writing services.
  12. Press Release Zapper - Press release writing and distribution services and software. Includes press release samples, tips, and a wizard.
  13. - Specializing in press release writing and press release distribution to media outlets. Also includes how-tos, tips and resources for writing releases.
  14. Publicity Advisor - Specializes in press release writing and distribution, referral marketing, publicity and viral marketing.
  15. - A professional writer for all of your press release needs.
  16. - Offers press release writing and distribution services.
  17. Written Communication - Offers web content writing, online advertising copywriting and press release writing services exclusively to small and home-based businesses.

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