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Sending Files For Printing

DTP Checklist


[__] What fonts did you use in your document?
[__] Does your service bureau have your screen fonts? (If not, send them.)
[__] Do they have your printer fonts? (If not, send them.)

Printer Type

[__] Chooser setting to your Postscript printer or other appropriate driver?
[__] Printer options checked in Page Setup dialog box? LaserWriter Options "second page" dialog box?

Document Check

[__] Check for missing or modified text blocks or pictures.
[__] Check for widows, orphans, loose lines, bad hyphens, and other problems.


[__] Print a proof on a laser printer.
[__] Check it carefully. Is it what you want?

Relevant files

[__] Did you include EPS, TIFF, and RIFF files (if your program requires them)?
[__] Did you include the document itself? (Don't laugh, this does happen.)


[__] Check calibration for gray levels?
[__] Check calibration for color levels?

Sending Postscript Captures To A Service Bureau

(Postscript captures are print-to-disk files in PostScript format)

System and Font Setup

[__] Do you have enough memory on your disk to save the PostScript dump?
[__] Do your screen fonts match your document fonts?
[__] Are EPS files in the same directory as the document files?
[__] Have you disabled (or removed) the printer fonts, (so that they don't get included in the PS dump?)

Chooser and Page Setup

[__] Do you have the Laser or other appropriate driver mounted?
[__] Do you have the proper settings in the Page Setup dialog box?
[__] Printer Options "second page" dialog box?


[__] Do you have all the EPS, TIFF, and RIFF files available?

Print Dialog Box

[__] Are all the proper settings made?
[__] Page range? Number of copies? [__] Scaling, flopping, inverting, etc.

Sending the file

[__] Do you want to compress or segment the file?
[__] Have you renamed the file to something appropriate?


[__] Did you keep a complete mirror backup set for yourself? [__] Did you PRINT the file and make a dummy of the finished piece?

If you checked all of the above, then you're probably ready to go.

(*** feel free to distribute this file as long as you credit DT&G Magazine and The Design && Publishing Center at: http://www.graphic-design.com)

If there's anything you can add, please drop me a line and share with all DT&G readers!

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