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Off to the beach we went, and since I'm not a beach person, I just let everyone else get salt-waterlogged, sand-stuffed and scorched to a crisp in the Outer Bank's punishing sun, while I had a wonderful time, in the air conditioning, playing with electronic toys. Lots and lots of photos and a lot of fun, iView proved itself again and again. It's now my #1 recommended media storage program for Mac users. (Check out the HUGE example of the Sand Castle)
... This program is so easy... I can't believe it. And, it hasn't so much as burped through all the abuse I've thrown at it. For some years I've used FETCH, (originally from Aldus) then it changed hands a couple of times. Adobe took a whirl at it and failed, then Extensis ended up with it, changed the name to Portfolio, and has turned it into a very nice program. But it carries a lot of baggage with it, and doesn't always work the way I want it to. Plus there's no slideshow function. The latest version I got started giving me some weird quirks on the computer so I didn't risk loading it onto the Powerbook. I don't have the latest version to compare, and doubt I'll pay to upgrade. 'Cause now I've got iView.
... iView Multimedia is the easiest and fastest way I've found to view, keep track and organize my ever expanding collection of image files.
... While iView Multimedia lets you showcase and re-use your images, movies, sounds, VR Clips, text documents and fonts on your MacOS™ computer, I use it mostly for the digital photos gathered either for personal use, or for the publications.
... The most exciting discovery for me was when I just dragged a folder of photos into an empty iView catalog window, and PRESTO, there were all the thumbnails ready to go! How could it be easier. iView figures out what they were, then builds the directory all by its self. But that's not all... iView is also a cataloger database, a slide shower, a launcher, a previewer, and a presentation tool all rolled into one. I suspect I'll be using it for my sessions coming up this fall at Multicom Expo, and then Macworld in January. iView is very cool....
- Instantly find on any of your disks and CD's that special photo, movie, sound, clip art, image, font, that you need for a project.
- Organize your media files into catalogs containing previews and information that can be viewed even when the original files are no longer on a mounted drive.
- Present your media as a continuous audio/visual slide show.
- Re-use your media with your preferred application, or use iView's own set of tools. You can easily print reports and export your media as QuickTime™ movies, HTML galleries and more.
- Use your catalogs as media palettes side-by-side with your favorite application. IView Multimedia supports Drag'n'Drop integration with the finder and any drag'n'drop savvy application.
- Examine and edit you media annotations, including caption, keywords, categories, digital camera photographic information and much more.
- Import media straight from the Web, and connect back to the URL with your favorite browser.
ScriptSoftware has even come up with a plug-in that lets it work seamlessly with QuarkXPress™! If you've tried this up until now, you know how much Quark is a pain in the you-know-what. They don't do anything easy. But with IViewXT, a Quark XTension, you can save previews into Quark documents and then have iView Multimedia display and catalog a full version of the first page of all your Quark client files. Sweet -- very sweet.
... The list goes on. Whether you are a photographer, graphics artist, publishing professional, musician, scientist, teacher, student, doctor, cinematographer, multimedia producer, programmer, web author, real estate agent, newspaper editor, or you simply want to keep your family images organized, iView Multimedia will make your task much easier. It's a no brainer (even my wife uses it!) -- you get fast access to your media, and a wealth of features to work with your images in the best way you want.
... I like iView so much in fact that I just finished paying the registration fee. (The only snag in the unregistered version is an annoying "remember to pay" dialog that appears and holds you hostage for 60 seconds before releasing your computer.)

iView Multimedia is brought to us by iView Multimedia Limited in London. You can download the latest version easily at either , or their exclusive US/internet dealer Script Software, at:
If you decide to take my advice and try it, just send an email to and let them know how much you like it. Tell'em Fred sent you.

A note about the name -- the name iView Multimedia was created long before the ‘i’ became fashion. Has iView Multimedia possibly set the fashion? It is read “I View”, where “View” is the verb not "i" as in Internet.

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