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Choosing The Right Paper for Ink Jet Printing
Benjamin Frank, test link
Senior Research Associate, International Paper

You bring home your new ink jet printer, hook it up to your fancy computer, and are ready to print out a picture of your dog, kids, or artwork. You play with the image on your computer for hours, making sure it is just right. Then you send it to your printer, and out it comes. The colors are off, the lines are blurry, and the image you get looks nothing like what is on your screen. Before you take your printer back, you may want to check your paper.
__ The paper you bought with the printer is often the most important part of how your print appears. While you may have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on your home or small office computer hardware (computer, monitor, printer, etc.), other people primarily see the "hard copy" output you produce. It is the image, the output, which we generally look at in the end. To get the best print, it is important to choose the right paper.
__ Ink jet printing is like painting with markers or watercolors. Ink is applied to the paper and the liquid part evaporates leaving the color behind. Instead of using a brush, ink jet printing places tiny, discrete drops of ink of different colors on the surface of the paper, forming dots which your eye blends together to create the image. Ink jet printing has many advantages: a wide variety of media (glossy and matte photo paper, cards, party hats, business cards, prints from 8.5" to 60+" wide, etc.); low cost machines which are compact, versatile, and require few repairs; and the ability to print easily in black and colors.


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