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After our series on "Wag the Dog Promotions" and our special on scratch pads, "Scratch some success," it’s always wonderful to get feedback like this from our readers...
Scratch Pad Promotions

Sharon Hayes wanted to share her scratch pad experience...

After our “Scratch Pad Promotions” article in December, Sharon wrote to tell us how much fun she’s been having redesigning the Sir Speedy scratch pads. Sure looks like fun to me!
__ At right you see the original pads that Sharon inherited when she first came to the Sir Speedy of Houston Texas. We agree with Sharon that they’re sort of boring, and a lot distracting for the user who intends to write notes on them. The signature is small enough, but the image in the corner doesn’t have much use on the pad, and the aggravation in the background is a bit overpowering for good pads.
__ Her first renovation (click to view it in a new browser window) really did wonders for the program -- now the inset photo is anchored and seems to have a reason for being there. The typography is cleaner and easier to read. It’s good Sharon recognized the need to further lighten and play down the background image. I particularly like the use of the space shuttle, and how it positions directly into the swash into the Sir Speedy logo. These are nice designs to show off not only the printing capabilities of Sir Speedy, but to create a little excitement as well. But she wasn’t done yet.
__ In the next generation, (click to view it in a new browser window) she decided to take a completely different angle, and introduce a collection of photo images that a Sir Speedy client agreed to share for the project.
__ Now she incorporates a nicely rendered background texture, building up layers to provide contrast and interest between the anchored frame area and the writing area. Using live animal photos really lend an immediacy to the look and seem to speak to the viewer. (Remember our rule about eye contact... even if it’s an animal, direct eye contact with the viewer generates drama.)
Sharon is a graphic designer who applies her skills at the Sir Speedy Printing Company in Houston Texas. Buzz on over and check’em out:
__ I’m pleased she recognized the need to make the Logo and ID block smaller again. For the end user, your advertising information needs to take the back seat to the visual pleasures.
This is an excellent example of using scratch pads to make fine giveaways for clients while promoting your self at the same time. VERY nice work, Sharon.

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