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Babel Color Color Comparator

The BabelColor Company has rolled out the second version of "BabelColor", a color comparator and translator software designed for the Mac and Windows platforms. BabelColor for Mac is available in two distinct packages, one optimized for Mac OS X, and the other optimized for Mac OS 8-9 (Mac Classic).

BabelColor simultaneously displays color data and color patches from two RGB (Red-Green-Blue) spaces selected from nineteen, up from thirteen in the previous version, pre-defined spaces, such as ProPhoto, eciRGB, Adobe (1998), and sRGB. Version-2.0 also adds two color decks to this selection, the first one simulating the chips found in the FED-STD-595B standard, and the second one showing chips disposed at fixed color intervals according to the Munsell HVC notation.

With BabelColor, one can easily translate color coordinates back and forth between any RGB space or color deck. You can immediately see if there is a match, or clipping, and then get a color difference value using one of many color difference formulas, which now include the individual contributions of luminance, saturation and hue to the total color difference.

With its multiple input and output modes, BabelColor provides a link between the color languages of the colorimetric trade (xyY, L*a*b*, L*C*h*, etc.), those of the video and computer graphics trade (RGB, Hex#, etc.), and, new in Version-2.0, interpolated Munsell HVC values, a notation often used by artists and scientists.

BabelColor is a tool for color-critical work. Targeted users include graphic and web designers, photographers, product designers, colorimetry specialists, hobbyists, and anyone interested in translating and comparing colorimetric data. It is also a tool for anyone learning the basics of RGB color representations.

Pricing & Availability

BabelColor for Mac can be downloaded now at www.BabelColor.com. The Mac version can be used indefinitely in trial mode, with some features blocked.

A free, fully functional, 14 days trial copy of BabelColor for Windows is also available. The single copy price of BabelColor is 65.00 US$. BabelColor for Mac and Windows can be purchased online from BabelColor's Web site.

A free evaluation copy can be downloaded by clicking on the link corresponding to your Operating system (files are in .sit archive format):

BabelColor and the BabelColor logo are trademarks of the BabelColor Company. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The BabelColor Company MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada

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