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Card Designs

there's nothing like personal communications....

Subscribers of the Design Cafe were invited to submit card and folding ideas for this month's issue... we thought these ideas were notable...

Cards that give again and again...

Andrea Emery's holiday greeting Andrea Emery, design professional, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada sent this card concept which is very similar to one we did back in the 1980s. Andrea writes:

One year, when I was freelancing, I wanted to promote myself and thought I would take advantage of the Christmas season to do so. I designed 3 blank cards with simple line illustrations on them, as well as a lead card, where I could write a personal message to a client. The header on the lead card read "Spread the Joy".

I ordered recycled paper stock that would work on my laser printer and printed up a series of cards, scored and folded them. My name, email and telephone number was on the back of each card. I then coloured in small areas of the illustrations with marker.

There cards were then packaged with matching envelopes inserted into a larger envelope, all tied together with a red ribbon. I sent them along with the "Spread the Joy" card to all my existing customers. The hope was that they would use my cards for their own greetings and I would, in turn, get some free promotion.

The mail out worked. Existing customers telephoned me asking to purchase more cards and I received a few calls in the new year from new clients. Use every opportunity available to promote yourself - and spread the joy. (End Quote)

Excellent work, Andrea. Folks, you can visit Andrea in her haunts at the School of Media and Design, Algonquin College, where she's a Professor of media arts.

Extravagant Folding Card / Book

This is probably one of the most extravagant invitations I've ever seen. In fact, I won't even call it a card or book -- it's a work of art. And, when opened, it's a sculpture!

batmitzvah Sharon sends this rather extraordinary Batmitzvah card she created for a client, complete with custom covers and even feathers!

Sharon writes:
      We popped a feather or two on the front of the invites and put them into little black folders I diecut for posting.
      Addressing was also on fluoro labels I custom make for my customers. Her thankyou was a card using the same colours and using a pink feather and said, "I was tickled pink that you could share our special day..." theming.. theming..

Obviously this card took a great deal of work, both in the initial design, the printing and then the cut/trip and above all the assembly! I cannot imagine the unit cost, and Sharon didn't share it with us.

Sharon has created more than 200 such designs over the years. She's into weird and different, hence her business name of Unique Designs.

In this view, you see each of the spreads before assembly. (Note, you'll have to scroll the image to see all of it!) Here we see the book fanned out, revealing the interleaving page shapes and colors.

Ideas to ideas

The idea of sending a note or card is as old as the art of writing itself. And when you make your card or greeting a unique piece of art it becomes not just the purveyor of your message, but a lasting and memorable keepsake to be treasured by the recipient.

The idea of folding for creativity sometimes alludes the designer in favor of color or image. But the folding is the key element that can help tell a story, share an emotion or set the mood. Folding can also amuse and teach the reader. Go ahead and take a sheet of paper and begin folding. Try uneven folds or offset folds. Try reversing some folds, or folding them back on themselves. I'm sure all of the creative ways you can present ideas have not yet been invented yet.

When you put those two ideas together you've got a winner. Remember: "Things made by hand come from the heart."

These are but two pieces sent in. I'll be adding more in the weeks to come, so check back in often.

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