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Design Cafe logo project continued from previous page. It might be helpful for you to open the sixteen logo finalists file in another window and follow along...

Designing a Logo for the CAFE

Comments from Design Cafe Listees...

Selected reactions and comments from Cafe Listees, random order, names withheld.

Comment: They're all lovely

Congrats to everybody who submitted a design to the competition. They're all lovely to look at! I -meant- to do one, but as always I end up megamultitasking and the time got completely away from me ... next time!! :)
      My thoughts are:

Great competition. I kept going back and changing my mind over which ones I liked the best! Always a good sign :)

Editor's Note: This writer liked Number 10 because it looks like the Starbucks logo. Well, take a look at this logo which almost made it into the competition, but was discouraged for obvious legal reasons.

Comment: Who is that guy???

      Whoever designed #13 is a bit off, in my humble opinion. If they thought that looks like Fred, they're wrong. Fred has lots of hair. If they included the picture of someone else, then that's very bizarre, why would they do that?
      IMHO, the CAFE is not about Fred. It's about the rest of us. My 2 cents!

Editor's Note: Right, here's a picture of me when I had a beard.

Comment: Nifty!

Some nifty work there, folks. And impressive for having done it in addition to all those deadlines! These are the 3 strongest to my mind.
      I thought #8 was the, by far, most outstanding design. Way smart! I loved the inclusion of the help button. That says it all as far as I'm concerned. I like that it (took me) a split nanosecond to "read" the image of the keys - then I was impressed that it could be read with so much of it missing.
      I thought #15, my second choice, brought in the universal element of this group which is a pretty neat aspect of the group, and of the design. I'd suggest perhaps putting the red cup behind the sphere, with the bottom half of the sphere showing the red of the cup. That does present a problem for the words "Design Cafˇ" but that's where I'd begin in tweaking that one.
      I thought #2 was a beautiful design but too coffee oriented. For that reason I discounted a lot of the designs. Perhaps play up the word design, using the loop of the D for the cup handle and make cafˇ the smaller word. When I was hoping to get involved with this, I was thinking of bringing in the idea of a cafˇ table to take it away from the feeling that there is a beverage involved. My 2¢.

Comment: Clean Design, Simplicity, Cleverness
      This was a tough call. I had selected my favorites by looking at the large design, but when I went to the thumbnails I had to rethink my choices because some of them didn't come across as well when reduced. I didn't consider the embroidery aspect since I don't know enough about it to know what's feasible and what's not.

So now I'll go put in my official vote--knowing that those of you who took the time to design and submit are way ahead of us "slackards" who didn't even enter the race. Thank you for giving us such great designs to choose from!

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