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Design Cafe logo project continued from previous page. It might be helpful for you to open the sixteen logo finalists file in another window and follow along...

Designing a Logo for the CAFE

Comments from Design Cafe Listees...

Selected reactions and comments from Cafe Listees, continued from the previous page; random order, names withheld.

Comment: Yummy!

First I have to say that all of the entries were yummy -- I mean, just really, really good. This isn't going to be an easy decision at all and I'm glad we have a few weeks to mull this over. I feel a bit unqualified to critique someone else's work so I tried to be honest yet tactful. I look forward to everyone else's feedback. That said, there were a few that caught my attention for one reason or another.

Comment: Bravo!

I couldn't wait to see the results.... and "BRAVO!" to all those who gave up precious time to respond. I feel guilty for not taking the time, because belonging to the Design Cafe group is having a source of expert advice at your fingertips and it continues to be my best educational resource therefore I feel I don't give back enough. Anyway you got me on a day off. "BRAVO!" to Vets past and present.
      I know from my first glance which logo will win. I think the logo that will win answered to the criteria (gave the customer what he asked for) to the max. I could see it on every format in a variety of colors and sizes. My vote is for Number 2. End of discussion : >)

Comment: Strong on some

I went for Number 8 as my first choice, #2 for second and Number 14 for third. Those three would be the best to reproduce by the methods referenced in the logo design specs.
      I think #8 is FANTASTIC! I love #2 also, but I can see production problems with where the "C" overlaps the cup. #14 I think would look the best embroidered, but it's missing personality, unfortunately.

Comment: Hits all entries

Number 1, and Number 7 too. I didn't vote for them, however (I voted for #8 and #2). I thought #1 was too complicated for embroidery, and #7, although very attractive, is a little too much 'cafe' and not enough 'design'. Number 10 has the same problem but to a little greater extent.

More comments on the way


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