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The Spread

As we move to the inside, we see a field of gray, in a two column layout, but unless we're intensely reading the article jump from the front, we've got to search. Most likely we'll jump directly to one of the illustrations because a) that's what it would seem the editor wants us to do, and b) because the eye always falls on the darkest spot on the page. The first and most obvious things that are missing are any kind of landmarks to tell us where we're going, or give us visual interest from the field of gray. The article from the front simply continues on at the top left, and reads column by column until reaching the next article. It follows that way for the remainder of the publication.

Since we've made some changes in the type font, and the letter counting, we're afforded the luxury of getting more text per line. This also opens up the publication so we can put all that trapped white space to work for us instead of against us.
So, which one would it have been?

If we applied our template to this set-up, we see a substantial improvement in visual appeal is gained due to the wider outside columns.

Tip: always put an article start at the top of the page. Jump articles that wouldn't fit in a continuous string can be moved to a lower spot on the page.

Since the newsletter came in as individual stapled sheets, rather than organized in to folded spreads, the interior could stay two column, or adopt the single column plus wider outside margin as common throughout the publication.

I would introduce some anchor objects on the interior pages just for visual continuity. Perhaps a header or footer bar.

Now, knit-pick the typography, and reflect just a moment on visual elements. . .

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