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It was called Art Nouveau, and for a brief period in the art history of the world it brought about dramatic changes in the way ink was applied to paper.

Typography of the Art Nouveau period was flowing and artistic. Sometimes 'over' decorated, typographers of the late 1800s designed with fluid strokes and asymmetric flourishes. It was the dawn of display type. The swash and panache of Art Nouveau typography gives us visual wings, taking flight on gentle breezes... it sends us to magical places where nymphs and fairies gaze at starry nights, sipping sweet nectar of luscious flowering fruits, reclining in glorious, endless sunrises.

"She dreamed of melons,
... as a traveller sees,
False waves in desert drouth
With shade of leaf-crowned trees,
And burns the thirstier in the sandful breeze.

From "Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti, 1893.

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