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pop-up cards and folding tricks

Cool Folds and Pop-up Cards for Promos

by Fred Showker

Try folding this one out of paperEach year I like to add some new-found goodies to our ever growing collection of cool ideas for promotions. This year YouTube has exploded with all kinds of very cool videos showing the results people can get from paper folding. Let's take a little tour ...

The Amazing ABC3D

Before the tour, I wanted to share this book with you, and the best way to do it is by showing you the video. Check out this very cool book:

This book by Marion Bataille has gotten all kinds of rave reviews!
Publishers Weekly said: "One of the most delightful and innovative pop-up books I have ever seen."- -Robert Sabuda
The Washington Post says: "...does for paper what Claymation did for mud. It's a three-dimensional, interactive, cinematic treat for the littlest fingers right up to the oldest eyes, easily the most innovative alphabet book of the year, if not the decade. It's virtually impossible not to find something to manipulate, admire, chuckle over or just plain play with between the holographic covers of this visual feast.
      ... Beyond clever, it's a whole new way for young learners to see both connections and differences as well as for adults to rediscover the magic that lurks below the everyday."
Graphic DesignSee: The Amazing ABC3D book!

Pop Up Cards!

For a twist on your cardmaking, why not try making a pop up card?! These fun and effective cards are simple to make and can be as classy or as whimsical as you like! For more inspiration visit www.docrafts.co.uk YT
FONTS Pop Up Cards!

Missing you pop-up card

I pop-up card I made for my Girl, Inspired by the Song by kenny loggins's Meet me halfway across the sky and the movie Sleepless in Seattle. YT
FONTS Missing you pop-up card

My 1st Pop-Up Book

A series of 21 photographic photo pop-up books, bound in iris cloth, finished in 2004-shot at the provinceton art museum. YT
FONTS My 1st Pop-Up Book

The Fellowship of Pop-Up Books

These are some pop-up books I made. (Author did not include any information with the video! ) YT
FONTS The Fellowship of Pop-Up Books

Small and Mighty ' Pop Up Book'

Author is unknown (But it's advertising for "Persil") YT
FONTS Small and Mighty ' Pop Up Book'

Kirigami Dragonfly

If you enjoy arts and crafts, pop-up, scrapbooking and origami, you will enjoy these craft projects too. Like Origami, Jianzhi and Kirigami are the craft of paper, with the added technique of paper cutting. (You can look but to play you have to purchase! Shucks!) See: http://www.easycutpopup.com YT
FONTS Kirigami Dragonfly

Amazing Turning Globe

Origami Architecture, after a design of Ramin Razani. Have a look at the author's site: www.l.van.breemen.scarlet.nl YT
FONTS Amazing Turning Globe

Amazing Paper Sculptures

these are all real sculptures, most made out of paper the song is "Fawn" from Tom Waits album "alice" YT
FONTS Amazing Paper Sculptures

More eye-candy and idea-starters

Fantastic! This only scratches the surface. Do a quick search on YouTube for "Pop-Up Cards" and enter a wonderland of creative ideas.

But be careful! You could get drawn in to those videos every easily. Let's continue with my favorite collection of great idea-starter books, that are very inexpensive, but will teach you a lot!...

All time favorite suggested reading for Folding Fiends


Fred Showker

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