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Pop-up cards from Giovanni Russo Grafico graphic design studio in Padova Italy

Pop-up Cards for Promos

by Fred Showker

This company came to our attention during our Fonts Festival surfing, and we had to pass it along to you. Normally we reserve such reviews for the November or December issues of DTG, but since this design firm is in Italy, it will take an extra month to get these luscious cards for your holiday promotions!

wedding invitations

T BASILICA DEL SANTO relief postcards Giovanni Russo Grafico is a design firm in Italy who first created in 1992. Although not a new idea, having been practiced in China for centuries, the pop-up postcards method and technique (called Biglietti a Rilievo translated: relief postcards) were patented in Italy in 1993. The first prototype was presented at Christmas, 1993, with the popup postcard of BASILICA DEL SANTO, Padova. (See Detail)

As the creation was sold and spread throughout Europe, so did the notoriety of Giovanni. Card packages began to fly off the shelves in the USA, Latin America, Uruguay, , UK, Belgium, Iceland and even Japan. (In the Japanese market are better known as ItalOrigami, Italian Origami.)

detail of holiday pop-up cardDuring a European television interview in 2002, National Italian Television (RAI 2) called these pop-ups "the most Italian innovative and amazing idea of postcards ...something that you can't loose and that must buy when you visit Italy..." The Italian National Blind Society has called these postcards "the unique way to "show" to the blind people how the monuments are made." But showing just monuments wasn't enough for a marketplace hungry for promotional ideas!

Demand has grown to encompass all sorts of cards, and Giovanni Russo Grafico is the leading specialist in their manufacture. These beautiful pop-up cards are an elegant and refined means of making a statement, ideal for every occasion from holiday greetings for business to weddings and social occasions. The tridimensionality, careful attention to detail and use of high quality of materials makes them an exclusive and distinguishing gift item! While they are greeting cards, they are also collectable works of art that the recipient will surely keep -- making them truly worthy promotional devices.

samples of custom cards

Giovanni Russo Grafico will take great care in creating a tridimensional for serious clients, from the trademark and/or firm logotype to industrial products, from the boutique to the prestigious shop window., hotels, private clubs, historical houses, and any entity which merits such elegance. Each subject can be realized with several kinds of paper and in different dimensions, it can be printed in one or many colours according to the specific needings. They offer an unlimited range of possible combinations, that is a really unique and inimitable product.

examples of custom commercial cardsSince every single card is handfolded, extra lead time must be considered in production. Giovanni can turn around most orders in about thirty days after the contract and visual proof are signed off. At that point they create the dies, print and fold all the cards. For the creation of a new subject they need a picture or a frontal design (architectural prospect) of the new subject.

They also offer customization of existing card designs. For an order of existing popup cards, the time of production depends on how many cards you order. For the creation of a new subject the minimum quantity is 1,000 pieces. They routinely ship to US or any other Country in the World.

NOTE THIS Two of their superb designs
NOTE THIS Wonderful corporate greeting!
NOTE THIS cards when closed
NOTE THIS Giovanni Russo DRUPA Exhibit.
NOTE THIS Visit the Giovanni Russo Grafico web site for full details on all the various versions of these beautiful cards.

As I've said many times over the years, your busines is judged by the materials it purveys. You don't have but a few moments to make a meaningful and lasting impression -- so, if you're sending promotional greetings to prospective clients, then they have to be the very best they can be.

Fred Showker

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