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We looked at Serif PagePlus some time ago in the &Else department. Now we test some of its typography skills...

Text on a Path

....with Serif's PagePlus X3 Publisher Pro

A lot of people think you have to purchase Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress to get all the features, but as we discover more and more powers in PagePlus X3 we're beginning to think there's a third choice!

This award-winning desktop publishing application is designed for consumers and small businesses looking to create high-quality, dynamic brochures, newsletters and other printed materials. In addition to all of its professional-level design tools, when it comes to text handling, PagePlus X3 offers a full range of specialized applications to enhance a document's appearance.

One of the most dramatic methods for easily improving a document is to change the look of its artistic text'that is, text that makes up a headline, pull-out quote or other graphical text element. Serif's PagePlus X3 enables users to extend their artistic text's creative possibilities by flowing it along a curved path. The resulting object will have all of the properties of the artistic text, plus its path will be a Bezier curve that can be edited with the program's Pointer Tool as easily as any other line. By anchoring text along a curved line, users can create eye-catching effects that could not be achieved with traditional straight-line text.

PagePlus X3 provides users with a variety of preset curved paths into which they can fit their text, including circles, arcs, waves, etc.

To apply a preset curved path to text in PagePlus X3:

1. Create an artistic text object using PagePlus X3's Artistic Text Tool found in the Artistic Text flyout on the Tools toolbar.
2. With the text selected, on the Text context toolbar, click the Path Text flyout and choose a preset path.

The text now flows along the specified path.

Curved Text in Serif

Users may also wish to add artistic text along an existing line or shape already present in their document. To do so:

1. Create a freehand, straight or curved line using the line tools found on the Line Tools flyout of the Tools toolbar at the left.
2. Choose the Artistic Text Tool from the Artistic Text flyout on the same toolbar.
3. Bring the cursor very close to the line. When the cursor changes to include a curve, click the mouse where you want the text to begin.
4. Begin typing at the insertion point. Text flows along the line, which has been converted to a path.

type on curve

PagePlus X3 also enables users to easily fit existing text to an existing line or shape in just three steps:
1. Create an artistic text object.
2. Create a freehand, straight or curved line or a shape.
3. Select both objects. On the Tools menu, choose Fit Text to Curve from the Tools menu.

The text now flows along the specified path.

Make any shape you wish for the type to follow

No matter the curve or path chosen for artistic text, the text can still be moved along its path, adjusted with respect to text baseline height and flipped or reversed on the path, making editing curved text as easy as it is to edit text in the body of a document. Additionally, text can be fit to a path just as it can be fit to a text frame, to fill the entire path for maximum visual impact.

Using PagePlus X3 to create curved text opens the door to a variety of creative opportunities and provides users with the ability to add new and striking elements to their publications. For more information about PagePlus X3 and how to put text on a path, visit www.serif.com.


Dale Cook

If you haven't already settled in to a desktop publishing program, or you're thinking you might want something more, just check out PagePlus X3... it's powerful publishing, easy to use, has everything you need, and is gentle on the pocketbook!
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NOTE PagePlus interface screen
NOTE PagePlus interface screen showing palettes


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